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Nov 30, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Email came in for me yesterday from a family in Kentucky. The email was about my Christmas Wish List. Every year I write one for the public in which I've always done with just a fun spirit. Well last year I received some cute wonderful gifts just from my blogs. And so when the request came asking when in the world am I going to publish my Christmas Wish List - I kinda went OMG really? I am honored and now excited and couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking.

I am told all the time I am hard to buy for. SO SO SO SO not true. I am the most simple person you'll ever encounter. Every year I have a theme (Jorge and I haven't exchange gifts in over 4 years and this year we are and so we are both like children and excited - don't worry Charity is still in our hearts and we've been doing our part - and we don't exchange gift for Christmas on Christmas for we reserve that day for our Lord. We exchange gifts on New Years)

So my theme this year is anything handmade.... My husband is loving this idea because I am his biggest fan and really as much as we craft we never craft for ourselves - you got it we always put ourselves last. My husband has a talent and I want it all around me and want everything handmade for me by him. But for my fans/friends/family who are looking to the blog for some help - here we go...

- Yarn (you can never go wrong there)
- Coffee (thank you so much Kentucky family for the bag you sent last year)
- Bumper Stickers (remember the faster I fill the back our rig the quicker I get a upgrade)
- Clothes Pins (lol for crafting)

that's it for me....

- Fabric (all this summer it's about Barbie Clothes)
- Patterns (he has like 6 so not much to work on)
- Sewing Machine Needles
- CANDY (men love food and this one takes the cake lol)

And there you have it... Oooops

- Treats
- Toys

It's always fun to see what will come - (I just got 2 packages from a Ornament exchange and a I am not sure why gift - but they were beautiful and handmade - I will talk about the Ornament Exchange at a later date - I have 15 of them I am sending out this week - took me longer to make but it was so much fun to be a part of)....

Address to be sent (so far we have 2 Christmas Cards - We love that)

Jorge & Evielynne Sanchez
110 E Center Street #1117
Madison, SD 57042

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Nov 23, 2011

Crafty Happy Thanksgiving

We like to also say to all those who shop on-line for the Black Friday Sales that we are having a 25% off in all of our stores (except - this one is 50% off) - you can use the same coupon code for all the stores which is BLACKFRIDAYETSY. Toys, Crochet items, Art 25% off All Christmas themed items 25% off summer/winter hats, mittens, scarfs 25% off Jewelry 50% off

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Nov 21, 2011

RV Consignment Help Needed

Selling your arts or crafts on consignment can be one of many ways you use to market your arts or crafts. Consigning your products means you find a retail shop who wants to carry your work but the kicker is that the retailer doesn't outright buy your goods; they only pay you when and if your item sells.

I'm not a big fan overall of consignment sales. You're at the mercy of the retailer to make sure your arts or crafts items are aggressively marketed to customers and protected from theft and breakage. Many think that retailers will push their owned inventory over consignment items. Although I haven't found this to be particularly true of my clients, I have seen the work of artists and crafters languishing for years on the same owner's shelves.

Here are some facts to consider if you are thinking about consigning your arts or crafts:

Reputation of the Arts or Craft Consignee

Find out how long the shop or gallery has been in business. Never place your goods with a brand-new shop or gallery. Check out their customer traffic by visiting the location a few times. Contact other artists or crafters who consign there to get a read on the profitability of the arrangement.

Keep in mind that other vendor's perceived happiness with the arrangement may be colored by their lack of interest in having your goods compete with theirs. So, it's recommended you contact artists or crafters working in a different craft profession.

To read more of this article:

My issue is I am a fulltime RV traveler and you'd think I would find consignment shops galore - not true. And so I am putting this on the fore front this January because our inventory just can be killing me anymore - the whole tripping over sealed containers the look of a warehouse in my home and so on and so on. So folks can I get your help with some links, telie numbers or address of some consignments you know of and I am thinking about starting a group to help all RV folk like me who depend on our crafty business for income.

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Nov 19, 2011

Owl Hats and Me?

I am always blogging about Jorge - yes I am his biggest fan. But did you know he is my biggest fan too - a complete marriage lol.

He says to me this morning "Why don't you blog about you?". Who is he kidding... No one cares as much for yarns as they do for fabrics. And ummm as nice as everyone CAN be, Jorge is the one in our house with the true talents. I don't mind because my talents help sell his talents "The inet Monster"...

Plus I do have say Jorge has been keeping me busy helping him that my business has been put to the side... Yes Yes I have my own store in which Jorge has 100% nothing do with. simple little hat store that I do indeed love but it's hurting. I need to make a huge correction in this - Jorge does the summer hats (anything with fabric is his work and anything with yarn is my work).

I don't get folks challenging me as they do to my husband - asking can you make this or that. But the other day I did and OMG the speckles of pride resurfaced big time. And away I went crocheting like crazy. It felt wonderful... And although I want to so much place the picture of my newest creation (however there are like a million of them on etsy) I can't - you see it's for a special little girl. Our model you can say lol. Its a Christmas present that I am so proud of. But I can' show you the infant boy version of what I made. This is for a infant 0-3 months. 14"-15".

I got my first favorite on it this morning and I was feeling a lot better - of course if it sells I will be beyond jazzed (but I did sell my elf hat in which I thought never would sell)...  The thing is it's something I love to do and I am fast at. Like last night I did 3 hats. 2 for the store and 1 for my friends charity work she created!/pages/Operation-WinterWarmth/193715464037481 We have 6 total hats going there today!! Do fan their page - the creaters who make the hats need to see that there are wonderful folks out there supporting their cause...

And the picture next is of a crayon roll you can purchase. The price include 1 crayon roll - 5 crayons and shipping. Order today and we can ship today!!

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Nov 18, 2011

Blog Turkey

This time of year is almost a waste for us to blog - because our stats tell us - ummmm we are the last on everyone's list... but regardless we are here blogging to the world and wish everyone well for the holiday season upon us...

We too have been busy - for this is our bread and butter and a little meat earning time of the year.... hussle to bussle and then to save and then to live off our holiday blessings - it's been a awesome start for us. Kind of nice helping and promoting and putting others before us has paid off with much kindness this year. And we wish to thank all those who gave in return for our loyal friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
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Nov 16, 2011

PayPal and Our Service for you

A new PayPal tab is now on our blog. We took the donation off because we'll only a handful of donations came in and we thought hey our service may provide a better income then asking for donations. And since our crayon rolls are our #1 selling items our bloggers can still help but also get an item for loved one around the world... So check out the prices which includes shipping and crayons for your rolls... Have a grandchild in Cali but your in Fl hey no problem we ship directly to where you want the item to go... We also offer classroom party pack too for all those wonderful teachers who give so much to their students... Pictures are down below of the samples we do and we do it all!!

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Nov 15, 2011

Clean Your Sewing Machine

Jorge sometimes forgets to clean his machine when it's gets beyond busy... And from time to time I do have to nag and remind him we only own 1 machine and it's a cheap one at that. Then he will nod in agreement and get to cleaning... We've owned this machine now for 4 years and we worship it like a $10,000 watch. It's a life line right now. You know we are famous for naming things and this boy guys (the sewing machine) does not have a name - all of our Barbie Models have a name even... Ummm we'll have to give it some thought...

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Nov 12, 2011

Saturday Crafty Linky Share

I did it - Now share your crafty article today

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Crafting Newletter

As many of you know we run 4 etsy stores and well we solely re lie on them as of late. California unemployment has messed up my husband paperwork bad and we still haven't seen a dime. Since Oct 24th and now we are counting the pennies like most Americans. So instead of crying or running to the state welfare office we are working harder for ourselves. Not a bad deal and it's honest hard work. So I come to my bloggers to see if they like to sign up for our newsletter (no more then 2 a month) and who knows we may have something you need or want. And the great thing about a newsletter is that you can forward them. We've tried the whole posting on facebook and our traffic report on etsy says FACEBOOK sucks. Kareninthewoods brings us a lot of hits and girlinair are the only 2 blogs that bring us traffic. And so yeah we are hurting in the views area and gotta keep reaching to fill the tums as you could say.
So todays saying is "WILL WORK FOR TURKEY"

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Nov 11, 2011

Military Spouse an A in My Book

Vets you know you rock.... Other wise you'd have no heart or soul to serve our country. Your born with it. You have it by design and we honor it. I want to also thank the spouses who support their husbands/wives...

Just how do they do it? How to they keep busy? How do they keep their heart pure? Just what goes through there minds when there alone while their other 1/2 is putting his/her life on the line not daily but every flipping second of their tour????

I came across this blog written by one beautiful young lady. And as I got to reading and reading and more reading I slowly understood. Life goes on and it how it goes on for her that made me smile/laugh/think/say many awes or OMG really? And then quielty I said a prayer for her. To add to the boot she has a child - now the task is really on and my respect for her grows...

The Crafty Military Wife
The Crafty Military Wife
I hope you take a couple of minutes and get to know this wonderful crafty (ummm sorry ARTSY) lady and say hi to her... I honor her and all the other spouses out there in the very same boat.
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Nov 10, 2011

My Etsy Newsletter

Would you like to sign up for my ETSY newsletter? Just click the link below!
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Nov 8, 2011

The Busy Bee

Wow when I read this morning - it got me all emotional and made me miss my own GrandMum very much - she's been gone now a little over a year and had a huge inpact on my life.
Shawn Simpson
November 8 2011 9:31am EDT
Mrs Evielynne, thank you so much for such wonderful reviews....... We are lucky to have found a great customer like you. I hope we have many years of serving each other.
I would like to share a little history of our store. My grandmother (Virginia Zinn) started The Busy Bee in 1997. She has always been very crafty, so she started the store as more of a hobby place for herself and friends. Over the years it has grown and she was able to provide more fabrics to her customers. Last December my grandfather became ill and she needed to stay home with him, so I quit my job and stepped up to run her store for her. It doesn't pay well, but I wouldn't have it any other way. With the help of my brother we decided to try a online store, with alot of research we found ETSY to be a good place to start. So began our adventure. My grandfather is doing ALOT better, so grandma and I are working together again. I run the Etsy store, and she and I run the storefront together. I have had the opportunity to do something most people never get the chance to, and that is to stand by my grandma and learn so much from her.

I can't tell you how excited I am to know that our hard work is recognized. I have always believed that without the customer you would have nothing. I will go above and beyond for my customers. :)

Thanks again,

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Nov 7, 2011


You know we are asked all the time "Where in the world do we get our fabrics from?" As a general rule (our on-line most favorite store) or in person at Jo-Ann's fabric. But when I need something fast I run to this person ALWAYS.

I use to buy on ebay - what a flipping Joke.... Lets see I ordered 6 different fabric theme fabric all on the same day from 6 different ebay shop owners. And would you believe only 1 came in super fast while I had problems with the other 5 (and 3 of those shop owners claimed to have been in the hospital and the others were sick) - I so kid you not ebay has become a glorified yard sale period.

Then I got to thinking why not try ETSY and so I did. I got all my packages just fine except for one - I paid for the priority on a Thursday and she had the nerve to mail it first class on a Monday - MAD A A BEE I WAS.... But this shop "The Busy Bee" did great on her first shipping and so I tested the waters with her on the 2nd and dang she still did a perfect order on the 3rd...

Why is this sooooo important - well for one thing she's in Mangum, Oklahoma and we are in Rufus, Oregon and I still get my packages from her quicker then anyone... She sends the fabric in a cute wrapping and a card/invoice copy and a card of thanks each and every time she's sent something our way.

Fabric is important to us - it's our life line and so when a company of this nature treats us as gold then well heck yes we will do the same and now I try to do all my fabric shopping from her... The dang lady will even research a theme fabric for me if she doesn't carry it. I so love her and she is a perfect role model as to how a business should be run.

She learned that I was going to post her business card after her 3rd shipping of our product - she's earned it and she is our business choice of the year. Do favorite her if you are an etsy store owner because I tell you what there are far and few business owners that put small people like us first!! And that means a great deal to us!!

Thank you Virginia Zinn - Store Owner of "The Busy Bee" you can also email her - just look at the business card for what ever info you need to make your own magic with her!! I am keeping her for as long as she runs her business!!
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Nov 4, 2011

Barbie Madness We Love

Lets see 30 hats 30 dresses and 30 beaded belts ='s FIRST ORDER
and then 31 and 1 dress outfit same customer ="s SECOND ORDER

and the Lord Blessed us last night with a THIRD ORDER ='s 72 HATS, I so kid you not - Jorge is beaming and just a step closer to reaching our dream... However the minute we get that new machine will confirm everything we've worked our tail bones on doing for OURSELVES...

We keep investing a lot of time into our work and it's not work really - it's passion that pays. And it's the pay that puts food in our belly.

Store is picking up more business and well we take nothing for granted - we are saving for medical bills and for an upgrade on our RV (we are more then ready for this change in our lives)...

We wanted to share our blessing with our readers today knowing that some of you truly worry for us - just know your prayers work and our eyes or clear with a beautiful sight of the path that we need to continue to follow!!

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