Crafting Newletter


Jan 10, 2012

MrsCraftyRVing Children's Emporium Room and it's Sad Facebook Fan Page

I always love the emails that come to us asking us about our stores success. Well it ain't from Facebook - that's for sure... We are so close to hitting 600 sales and with that under our belt, you would think that our fan page would be more then 39 fans.

So in the upcoming weeks ~ I am going to work real hard on changing that. I have dreams and they match my husband Jorge's dreams too. And together we work side by side full time serving our customer party needs...

So be excited and drop some hints as to how we can improve our page!!!/pages/Etsy-Store-MrsCraftyRVing/189747824379794

Grab Bag Crayon Roll (includes 1 crayon roll and crayons
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