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Aug 30, 2011

Party Supplies and Blanket Shop Product Video

We now make video's for etsy, artfire, ebay and private web site owners who sell their products. We do this for only $5.00... Enjoy this wonderful video of a truly BLESSED family who all work together to make their own income!!

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Skin Savy Reviw and GiveAway with 12 WINNERS

Mission Montana: Skin Salvy Review and Giveaway - 12 WINNERS!: I love summer! I love taking Sophie to the pool, wearing flip-flops, and playing outdoors all day long. My skin, however, does not love it...
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Aug 29, 2011

Etsy adds us to their Blog

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Place Your Ad on My Blog

Just a reminder to all etsy, web site owners, rv parks, crafting supplies, what ever it is that you own (except adult theme, drugs, guns and those sorts of things) you can place your ad for 30 days. You can either email me or click the paypal web button I have and choose your selection. As you can see we have only limited spaces and would love to help you out. If you do not have a web button we'd be happy to design you one. $5.00 for each month that's all it is. I twitter on 4 accounts and facebook on 4 accounts as well as include my blogs on my email signature and also have business cards with this blog info on. So as you can see we are over 8,000 views.
Also if you have an article you'd like to have posted on the blog do email me and I'd be happy to post for you for FREE within reason (business related would be a $5.00 charge)... I have to ok it before posting... is the email you can use to send all articles to.

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Aug 28, 2011

My hands are HOT

It's been a terrible week for me. I can't knit - non of my friends called me this week and no one to hang out with in Idaho. So I was stuck with a book. I sneak knit in the morning because by 9-10am it starts getting warm and then it gets to the point I can't knit any longer. Yarn and I do not get along in the heat. Never have never will. And this weekend was super quiet because I think everyone else in the world is pouting right along with me....

Whining - Whining - and plenty more of that if I was aloud to.... LOL

They say it's going to start getting cooler tomorrow and boy I could us that right now!! I have 9 pairs of mitten done - 5 of which are for sale and the others are for donation to our Charities. I really try to divide the products because we'll we need to make the money and it's our way to also give back. I had so much yarn this summer and even had a ton given to me BUT would you believe I am almost out. Which is a good that it was so hot this week because next week I'd be whining about not having any yarn to work with and so do you see a pattern that "I am a good for nothing whiner"....

This summer is almost done and we'll be heading back to our winter stay. I can't wait for a number of reasons - Jorge and I joke that we will run the moment the rig is parked first hugs and then for the shower - yes a stand up shower... No we don't stink - it's just this summer we have to shower in a unique position (there a deleted moment that I encourage you all to do). We are shopping for a newer used rig as we speak. Next summer if we are asked back will be a much easier shower situation for us lol...

Ok so back to knitting... It's just been one of those weeks where you feel like the world is against you in every direction. Your wrong when you are right or your right when you are wrong... So in honor of my whining here are some pictures....

But first....

Have you had a good week or bad week?
Leave your hug or kick in the butt
in the comment box - would love either of them..

I will add the other pictures tomorrow - I have cute pink ones with stripes...

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Aug 24, 2011

Jorge pass the Test. Sewing up a Storm Now.

The one thing we learned is to have the utmost communication with ALL of our customers. Treat them as you would want to be treated.
The Charity dress that Jorge did had this to say:

August 23 2011 10:50pm EDT               
The colors, the workmanship...everything...PERFECT. You 2 are awesome. I tweeted you soon as I get a check after the 1st from my office...I will order more roll ups. I can't wait for the Hospital and the orphanage to get these. I fund all of this myself so right now just to keep up with sending the seamstresses fabric and all...I am working non stop. It's my passion though and no matter what, I will do this :) I am also taking on a new project that I haven;t posted yet in Los Angeles, Holy Cross Trauma never

Hugs to ya both <3

Imagine doing what Karen does all from your own pocketbook - truly an amazing person... Please be sure to check out her web site: and see how you can team up with her or to at least send her email mail and tell her how great she is. We look forward ourselves working with her...

So yesterday Jorge did his demo dresses for the BIG contract he has with another customer in who I have to state for the record has beyond awesome communication (56 emails between us - AWESOME and what we like) and from every step knows what she wants... She loved the demo dresses (and her favorite is the green dress as it is also mine - however Jorge's favorite is the purple one) and they are now up for sale in our store. Here they are....
This is my favorite (Evielynne's)
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:

The details are amazing - this customer has brought the best out in
Jorge and looks forward to being challenged more.
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:

This is Jorge's favorite.
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:

I didn't put the hat on correct but it does sit on her
head better then what you are seeing.
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:
 And today Jorge is working - he routine until Monday will be 2 full complete outfits and 1 main dress for the store. Then Monday he'll do more - his goal is 5 but that has to be in between customer checking in - but I got that covered because I will be outside with my computer working on my work and I can wait on customers as they come in... No one can say we are lazy that's for sure... Multi tasked is the key we have to live by and acting like a team and being in sync is our secret.

We do joke around with the dolls - telling them what's in store for them - and well Trixie will be working over time  starting Monday and lucky Reese is only working part-time. You have to be silly when it comes to crafting - it should be fun otherwise "What's the Point".  Besides we are fun folks!!

Question of the Day?
What was the easiest Custom order you ever did?
Would love to hear... Leave a comment...
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Aug 22, 2011

Happy Apron Customers

I am always amazed at women and for the hard work they do. I can tell you first hand I have had both of these women homemade cooked meals - so why not have some cute gear to help them along. Thank you Alina and thank you Sue for being great customers....
Lady Like for sure - beautiful heart to match too!!

Great Model very sassy - got to love it!!

And here are the others we have for sale... email me if you are looking for something a bit different...

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Trixie gets to know Jorge

Today is the day we get to open the box and feel/pet and aww's at the fabric Jorge gets to work with. And then it's measuring Trixie's body from head to toe. Trixie's body is nothing like Reese's body at all. Trixie is a classic a 1958 remade in 2007 where Reese is a  modern 2009. There is slight difference in the measurements but they bodies are a bit different as far as feel is concerned. Trixie is a rubber while Reese is a plastic feel. Makes a huge difference on how you make the dress.

We love Trixie's hair style and we have decided she is going to photograph very well and we are happy to work with her. We now wish to share day one of Jorge's important contract (lol he says of his life - nah the customer is awesome to work with).

Jorge is making a demo dress first and if it passes then it becomes my job to cut all the dresses patterns (30 of them 10 in each fabric) out and then he can begin his work. We hope he can push 5 a day (remember folks he has RA but that won't knock him down he welcomes the challenge) he says maybe more - of course weather has a huge impact because while he is working on the demo dress it is 101 inside the rig and on cooler days he'll be able to work faster - but we have plenty of time for this order and no need to rush - a rush order is a messy order. This week will be a hot for us so things will be on the slow side but at least I can cut patterns outside and that is half the battle of the work!!

Trixie came to us naked but this is a family blog
and so we put a outfit on her...

Demo work first for any customer
- it would stink to make a huge order
and it is not what the customer wanted..
 Jorge loves his customers and treats them right!!

You will have to wait a day or two to see what is next!!
 Got to keep you coming back don't we?

What is your most favorite thing that
Jorge has done?
Leave your comment
- the man needs some outside loving...
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Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.

Juvenile Support Program
Crystal Owens, LMSW- Project Director
5864 West Maine Street
PO Box

1162 SpiritLake, 1083869
(208) 691-9153
 Services funded and provided through the idaho .Juvenile Justice Commission Ba/anced and Restorative Justice Grant, in cooperation with Kootenai/ Bonner County Prosecutors, Probation, and Diversion.

Our Vision: To provide at-risk youth, during an impressionable point in their lives, the opportunity to
accept accountability, repair harm, and become a contributing member of society through therapeutic,
educational, and social opportunities.

Who We Serve: Y.E.S. specifically assists youth, ages 10 and up, identified "at risk" by family and
community members, mental health professionals, and juvenile offender programs including Diversion and Probation. "At-risk" is defined through family difficulties, trouble with school or the
law, deceitful, violent, or manipulative behaviors, and mental health needs. In addition to serving these identified participants, Y.E.S. provides services our youth's family members and guardians.

Where We Serve: Our service area includes outlying rural communities within the Northwest portion
of Kootenai County and the Southwest portion of Bonner County encompassing Blanchard, Spirit Lake, Athol, Bayview, Twin Lakes, Rathdrum, and Hayden.

What We Do: Case Management/Service Coordination, Tuesday Night Life Skills Lessons, Parental Support / Education, Family Counseling and Skills Building Opportunities, Community Service, Mentorships, Community Forums

Please show your support and leave a comment. We also have a Facebook Fan Page and when you click "LIKE" please tell them that Evielynne from Scenic Lodge sent you so that they know that this Blog article is the source... God Bless you and this agency for all that they do as well as for what you do!!

Click this link and then click "LIKE" and then leave a comment saying "Evielynne from Scenic Loge Gate sent you"!/pages/Youth-Equipped-for-Success-YES/182827895105073?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite

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Aug 21, 2011

Mixbook Review and Giveaway

Mission Montana: Mixbook Review and Giveaway:
My new favorite hobby is photo-taking. I have always loved photography and with Sophie, I love it even more! My new camera, well it's almo...

We will have a lot to blog about in the next day or so - so be sure to check back... Tomorrow will be about Jorge's new awesome we love her customer. 30 hats for 30 dresses to one cool looking Trixie. Who's Trixie? Well you will have to just wait and see. And so while you are waiting do check out my wonderful friend Holly's GiveAway and a way you can help her is to twitter the giveaway - super easy and super quick to help!! I do it all the time now because I love her...

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Aug 19, 2011

Swim Spot Give Away

Mission Montana: Giveaway: Summer is not over yet! Have you worn your swimsuit all summer and need a new one? Would you like to have one that fits perfectly, has a go...

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Aug 15, 2011

Cage Fighting Knitters?

I thought this was cute - read entire ad!! Thank you strong men for putting knitting on the page of wanna be's lol....

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Here they are...

Jorge you rock...

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Aug 13, 2011

Jorge does Charity Work

We are so excited to announce that Jorge was hired by Sweet Pillow Blessings to design a Barbie Dress to be model by one lucky Barbie Doll our of 300 Barbies the owner has. What is so unique about these dresses (one of which we donated to make and she purchase the other) is that they are in the colors of her web site. I can't show off the dress yet because they are in the mail and I want her to see her items first and then I will share on here. Jorge was so honored to have done this (even more so after reading their entire WEB page).

We can all make a difference if we just had an "ounce" of compassion - really that's all it takes and from what I had seen and heard of sweet pillow blessing is that they have "TONS" of compassion to share but still need our help and support. So stop over and check them out and see how you can help.

If it's something you just don't have the time or money - just post their web site on your web page/facebook/blog. She found us on Twitter and right now I am beyond thrilled at Twitter for pairing us up!!
You can also copy this picture and link this picture to her org and place on your blog - we sure would love to help be a part of spreading the word.

So check back by the weekend and see what Jorge did!! It's so cute and I know for a fact my friend Holly (from Mission Montana) is so going to freak because not only is she a wonderful person but she is very much in the same league is Sweet Pillow Blessings and God Bless ALL...

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Aug 8, 2011

Moose visits Crafters

As many of you know I am up everyday at 3:45am and normally I work in bed while Jorge gets some more sleep. On few occasion he's wake up along with me. Today was one of those days and so I sat at our table next to the window to work this morning. See who came to visit??? AMAZING!!

We have so many new items to share with you in the next couple of days and I am sorry we haven't been able to blog as much as we'd like to. Our electricity comes from a ginny that requires a lot of gas and we are trying as might to keep the budget low this summer. You know the old story!! but I promise you we have been crafting up a storm and I am happy to report that Jorge my wonderful husband has been picking up custom orders in which we are so thankful for. Enjoy the moose and be sure to check back for updates on our current projects...
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Aug 2, 2011

BellaOnLine Article about US

Spotlight on The Crafty RVers

Many of you might have noticed the growing trend of younger, still-working RVers who have chosen not to wait until retirement to achieve their road trip dreams. One couple I recently connected with has figured out how to live full-time on the road while bringing in a steady income. And while they make sure there’s plenty of time in their schedule for outdoor adventures, they also carve out time to give back to the community too.

Jorge and Evielynne Sanchez met in Utah when Evielynne attended Brigham Young’s law program. They fell in love, got married and moved to Miami, Florida to be closer to family. But their life in Miami wasn’t all that they had hoped for. "Not seeing each other for more than an hour a day after our jobs," says Evielynne, "was tearing at our marriage." They both agreed--it was time for a change.


We'd like to personally thank Erin who is a wonderful wonderful person. Funny, helpful and a big fan... The kindness Erin has should be in every SOUL...

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