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Aug 22, 2011

Trixie gets to know Jorge

Today is the day we get to open the box and feel/pet and aww's at the fabric Jorge gets to work with. And then it's measuring Trixie's body from head to toe. Trixie's body is nothing like Reese's body at all. Trixie is a classic a 1958 remade in 2007 where Reese is a  modern 2009. There is slight difference in the measurements but they bodies are a bit different as far as feel is concerned. Trixie is a rubber while Reese is a plastic feel. Makes a huge difference on how you make the dress.

We love Trixie's hair style and we have decided she is going to photograph very well and we are happy to work with her. We now wish to share day one of Jorge's important contract (lol he says of his life - nah the customer is awesome to work with).

Jorge is making a demo dress first and if it passes then it becomes my job to cut all the dresses patterns (30 of them 10 in each fabric) out and then he can begin his work. We hope he can push 5 a day (remember folks he has RA but that won't knock him down he welcomes the challenge) he says maybe more - of course weather has a huge impact because while he is working on the demo dress it is 101 inside the rig and on cooler days he'll be able to work faster - but we have plenty of time for this order and no need to rush - a rush order is a messy order. This week will be a hot for us so things will be on the slow side but at least I can cut patterns outside and that is half the battle of the work!!

Trixie came to us naked but this is a family blog
and so we put a outfit on her...

Demo work first for any customer
- it would stink to make a huge order
and it is not what the customer wanted..
 Jorge loves his customers and treats them right!!

You will have to wait a day or two to see what is next!!
 Got to keep you coming back don't we?

What is your most favorite thing that
Jorge has done?
Leave your comment
- the man needs some outside loving...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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1 comment:

  1. the wedding dress is the coolest so far but this one just is neat. I cannot believe the details he thinks the type of plastic the doll is made out of!!