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Jul 29, 2011

Brrrr Getting Cold Out - NOT

I sold a hat the other day on our one of the fun ones I did... And so now I am back to working on the hat store to get ready for our 2011 Winter. Yes folks I said it "WINTER"...

Here is a hat I just did today... What do you think? I do have a question for you all... Does anyone miss my etsy feature of the day? I have gotten some cool emails about where are they... So I thought to see what the rest of you though?
A baby hat - it's cute right??

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Jul 25, 2011


Hello folks... The company we are working for QSI is looking for someone ASAP to work as a camphost/gate keeper....

-All you have to do is collect information (permit numbers and lic plate numbers) from time to time sell a day pass (which is not a lot because the folks around here are smart and buy a yearly pass for a way cheap price).

-There are no bathrooms to clean - no maintence (other then keeping your camp area clean which is A MUST)...

-There are no hook-ups (they bring h20 and there is a septic tank for your waste).

If you have any interest please contact Shelly

(let her know you found this ad on Evielynne's Blog)

she is the owner of QSI (and super great to work for).

(208)623-2539 or (866)437-7711 - toll Free

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Jul 24, 2011

Pattern Cutting

Yes my husband has me working like a dog once my computer gets shut off for the day - eeek... So I work from 4am till approx noon and then I cut, knit, crochet or something... I so love it!! Our charity work is making good progress and already given away 15 little tiny purses to the LDS Church as our 2011 winter project. I need a vacation from vacation folks... No really I do love it!! Currently working on a present for one special teen Miss Chasity... Can't show you pictures because she's a sneak and may see it on here and we just can't have that. We ship Tuesday!! But instead we will show this picture...
Notice my chair? LOL - we need some sales so we can afford a decent one for me. wanna support that theory? Just check out we will be adding 40 new products next week (I kid you not)....
Also you'll note no coffee... Now this is just a sad case of OMG are you for real? Just down below is my refill coffee fund...

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Jul 20, 2011

Tom Hanks Can Knit

I so love this and thank you CampGround_Crafters for posting this in our group... I am becoming more and more of a knitting doer... So having Celebs help putting knitting on the map even more so helps us, that is those who depend on their knitting skills to make an income.
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Jul 19, 2011

Wedding Photo's

Here are pictures of friends of mine - you can always add your wedding photo by email your picture to

Keith & Dinah, Christmas Eve 1967

Janice & Gerald
Carol & Travis

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The Five Year Mark by Hillbilly Handiworks

They say 5 is the magic year.
Marriages that last 5 years can last forever.
5 years makes a habit that can't be changed.

Five years ago today I had not yet met my husband. Let me tell you part of his story....

(So many are new to my blog since last year so I feel the story must be told again. I'll go into a bit more detail today than I did last year.)

Five years ago today my husband had the absolute worst day of his life. It started out normal. He got up, went to work at his job of a police officer in a small town. He doesn't talk much about what happened the rest of the day. I cannot go into great detail as he is not a sharing kind of person, and what happened is still very difficult for him to talk about. I don't even know all of the details.

I do know by the end of the day, Jerry had lost everything. His wife had taken their children and fled the state after dumping their foster children on DFS's doorstep. How nice of her. In order to buy herself time to flee, she called up the county sheriff's department and fed them all kinds of stories of abuse. Jerry spent that evening handcuffed at his own desk at the PD. Jerry had no clue this was going to happen. He had a marriage and children, and then he didn't.

I will not go into all the details here, but Jerry was investigated by FOUR different government agencies. He was exonerated of all charges on all levels. Jerry spent every last penny trying to get his children back. They now live in Arizona, he has had no contact with them whatsoever. He sends cards and presents every holiday; which get refused and returned to sender. Arizona kindly takes a large portion of every paycheck though, for these kids that he never sees. I forgot to mention that our state, Missouri wanted Jerry's wife (at the time) and his children extradited back to our state, but Arizona refused. The Johnson county, Mo prosecutor decided that it was not a case he wanted to pursue. So many could have helped...but didn't. It was later found out that Jerry's now ex sister-in-law works for the judicial court in the county where his wife fled to. How convenient!

The kids are 10 and 14 now.

We are sure the 14 year old has been fed a pack of lies.

This is quite normal on parental abduction cases...the one parent purposely alienates the other and makes them out the 'bad' guy. Children can very easily molded to believe anything their mother says. (The 10 yr old has physical and mental disabilities. She has lived well past her expected life span. This gives Jerry hope that he'll see her again someday!)

It is very common in America for children that are abducted by parents and then taken out of the country to get a lot of media coverage and aide. Parents that have their children abducted and taken to a different state within our country are not so lucky. We need at least $20,000 to start the proceedings yet again in court. That is just the retainer fee. We are looking at well over that before it is all said and done. If it were at all possible, we would lose everything again to make it happen. Given the evidence, we are sure that we would win the case but it would be a big, expensive mess spanning both states.

Today, at the 5 year mark, Jerry is obviously happily remarried (to me!). He has a little boy to look forward to every day. But the sting and hurt and pain do not go away. Ever. Jerry trusts in God and knows that He is in control and has His reasons. Jerry never gives up hope though. He will see his kids again someday. Even if it's on the other side.

In close, I ask you to pray for my husband today.

It's a tough week--with today being the 5 year anniversary, and his son's birthday also being a few days away.

I'd like to also ask you to pop over and listen to a song that he wrote about his children. We have no way of sharing it here but if you go to the link it is the top featured song. Our dream is that someday a famous country artist hears it, records it and Jerry makes enough money off of it to get his kids back! Wouldn't that be great?!

Jerry would want me to warn you that when he recorded the above album, he had a case of laryngitis and was just trying to get the CD done for his mom for mother's day. We also had a tornado come through right during the recording session--so he just had to take what he had and go.

In close I have a note for YOU, B. Owens. Oh, and you too A.

We know you watch my blog. Google has this great stats thing that lets me see whenever a person visits my site. I can tell what browser you used, what city your connection is in, how long you stayed, what pages you visited. It is ironic that your visits go up when I mention Jerry or Stephen. It is also ironic that Jerry's blog got the same visits back when he used to blog. Go ahead. Watch us all you want. Romans 12:19.

To my regular readers. I apologize for that last paragraph. I just had to do it. Jerry's going to get onto me for that one! It was not very forgiving of me. I struggle with forgiving B and her co-conspirator A. alot. It is hard to do when someone so badly hurts the one you love.
I (Handmade Crafts Done While RVing) is posting this because it's my way of helping this family... I ask that all my blog readers to repost either this post or song link. This is just not a family but a friend too. And I help my friends....

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Jul 18, 2011

Barbie Doll's Wedding Dress

Jorge is sooooo amazing.
I asked him to make this and so he did only he did it toooooo GREAT!!

Now I want to do something fun for my BLOGGER fans.... Submit a picture of your wedding day and I will post on tomorrow blog. Send picture to mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo with your name and groom/bride's name along with date of wedding.... And yes this dress will be up for sale. And Jorge is looking to do some custom orders so go ahead and email him at the same email address.

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Jul 16, 2011

Celebrate Christmas in July Etsy Treasury

OMG our Christmas Store has a featured item. Our Snowmen!! Check out the link and you can also leave a comment and there is a bunch of awesome Christmas in July products...

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Jul 15, 2011

Daisies in My Jar and Yarn on My Needles

Well since I have to be up before the chickens now, I lose a lot of crafting time now. I work from approx 4am till approx 11-12noon Mon thru Fri now (I use to be able to take the same days off as my husband but now my boss has a ton of research for me to do this summer and so now I can't until January - but I dare not complain because I get to work from the comfort of my rig).

And so today is my last day of work (shhhhh I got to take this Wed/Thurs off but no more). And so after I completed my work day - I decided to start on a new set of mittens. LOL but the phone kept ringing and time kept creeping by and so here is where I am at. I also want to thank Pat from Campground_Crafter for helping me today with a knitting question. It means a lot to me when someone of her skills takes the time to help little ole me.

This summer was suppose to be about learning new skills and I am so failing in this department - Sue a lady who is working for the same company as my husband is also from Campground_Crafter has taught me one stitch and I am grateful for that. And so now I am pushing the issue and turning to youtube and my personal videos I've purchased to learn more. After all this is more then just a hobby for us. We do run 4 stores and would like people to continue to purchase our things and to be able to ask if I can make something and I can jump up and say - That? Heck yes I can do that up for you.

And so today after finishing up with my work - I head outside with my husband and sat to knit. After dinner (we eat outside as we do most days) my husband was looking at the table he made (yep it's a poor mans table but you know what? It was made with love) and says "Wow your knitting is so natural and beautiful". And so he snapped a pictures and here's what it looks like.

I love it. And so tomorrow with my having the entire day off - will work on the rest of my project and get her up for sale ASAP.... But oooooh there is a 40% chance of rain tomorrow - so it maybe a movie day with knitting (hey either way I am knitting and for me that's a dream come true)...

Did you know that Daisies are my favorite flower and so
what is my 2nd favorite flower?
Leave answer in the comment feed...
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Jul 14, 2011

Trial and Error Mitten

Knitting is a bit of a challenge for me and yesterday I had told you all that today I would attempt my first mitten set. Well as any good crafter knows "trial and error" is the secret to our success lol... I know where my boo boo's where made and so tomorrow I will go forth and start making them for the store. So here is the mitten I promise my viewers... Again this was all about "trail and error"... No tears but dang knitting 2 stitches together was a challenge because it was tight and hard to do... Other then that it wasn't that bad....

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Looking over a 4-leaf Clover

My crochet SHAMROCKS where featured on a etsy treasury:

You can stop by and even leave a comment - wait till you see all the other awesome items in the treasury.... I am in GREAT company... And just as a reminder my store address is
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Jul 13, 2011

RV Crafting Wordless Wednesday

ng I wanted to share with you all what my plans are for tomorrow. I am a little scared but ready to move a step up in my knitting world. I am praying that I can at least get one complet mitten finished (I didn't want to press my luck and commit to two lol). Keep your fingers crossed and hope to post pictures (of me NOT crying lol).... I think I will do fine!!

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Jul 12, 2011

A Knitting Dance?

Had to share this...

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HatMasters Hats

I have added lots of hats to the

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Jul 11, 2011

Mission Montana wrote a beautiful review about US

So yesterday was a truly a Blessing on two accounts. We realized how lucky we are to have our friends. They always seem to help when things get down for us without even knowing we are down. Our stores have taken a major hits ($6.00 in one week for the 4-stores this is bad) on sales. So getting the first review was a major shock but getting the second one was OMG REALLY? Holly did a super job on a write-up she did for us and when I got the blog update (I do follow her on FB/Twitter/Blog) both Jorge and I became very emotional to have a friend believe in us and to want to share it with the world. So here is the blog article link and if you are a friend of mine - go ahead and leave a comment for Holly to see so her hard work is recognized.
Mission Montana: How I LOVE MrsCraftyRVing!!!:
"In February, I met a wonderful couple through Etsy. This couple has an awesome life! They travel from place to place (craft show to craft ..." Click the link above and it will take you to the write-up!! So Holly a big heart felt Thank-You and so many hugs with your name written all over it. You are a major Blessing in our Life and thank-you for believing in US...

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Jul 10, 2011

Jorge's Barbie Doll Review on YouTube

What a shock we just had... A pass customer had hired Jorge to do 6 outfits and she did a review of her thoughts on them on her YouTube account so here is the link to the video of the review in which we are so grateful for. Jorge is almost singing and dancing big time.

SuzanneSky1 is her YouTube name and she has lot of reviews to check out and we are honored to be on her good side of a review.... This is our 2nd positive review done!! Jorge you are now ordered to make more doll clothes ASAP (yes dear - as he's saying)...
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Art Fire Store and a Dear Friend of Mine Equal the Same

My dear friend Chrissy has so much faith in me and knows that I will jump through fire to help her. And so here is my fire - the web world...

Chrissy has gone and done it again and is expanding her services to other forms of networks this time using Art Fire which is a new one for me. I have to tell you she is so happy with their services and it's really cheap to sell all homemade items and it's the perfect time of year to open a new store up because hey "WE ARE IN CHRISTMAS SEASON"....

I am a full time stay at home mother of 4. This business started out as a hobby before my 1st child was born. And now it my living. Over the years I've learned how to be creative and selective in what my children use. Crayons have always been a hit for generation and I've created fun ways for children to color. With 4 children birthday party themes are a must. For each of my children are into different fads. You'll see my store options are always changing but be assured that I do custom orders and that's most of business is catering to those custom orders. I have been doing this for over 20 years. I have a strong customer base and welcome all new customers. Our store is your second family. So welcome

I list new items every day if there is something you see like the crayon of the month club etc and you would love to get it but to much all at once I can invoice you for the gift every month before sending it how to help I love custom orders no order is to large for me.

And because I am helping her out by posting this on my blog she in return would like to help you out and offer our blog readers a discount by using the code coupon code ChristmasinJuly2011....

And here are my two choices of  "MY PICKS"

She does everything from Party Supplies to Daycares, Easter Baskets, Christmas Gifts as well as Bridal Showers and most of her business is Custom Orders... 

The reason for my picks is that - in the summer no one uses blankets and therefore never buys them but you know what - it's cheaper to buy them in the summer and so with that in mind - I figured on helping my reading just a tad bit more...

Chrissy has made a donation to our site and we thank her for that... As you know I am happy to help anyone that has an honest good hearted store/web/story/information. And for those that have web stores for just $5.00 a month you can have a blog button placed on blog. With that we will also place your info on all 4 of our facebooks and twitter on all of our accounts to help spread the word about you!!

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May for Me GIVEAWAY Winner is DINAH

Now that we have the inet up and we are able to communicate via inet world. We have picked a winner for the $20.00 Gift Card.

And the winner is:

Dinah said...
Really like Jorge's quilts! Now when is he going to go back to making those cool bags he used to do?

Dinah I will need you to email me off post and give me your mailing address (I will also email you to let you know you are a winner)...


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Jul 8, 2011

Tracy Koss Tastefully Simple

As a loyal friend when ever any of my friends need help I am so there... And today is one of those days. Now most of our readers work from home and we all know how much of a challenge that is. But for you Mums I can only imagine how much pressure you go through to earn an income. I have found that blogging is a great source of support and a great way to help each other out.

So let me tell you about Tracy Koss who is a Tastefully Simple, Independent Consultant and I meet her back when we lived in Florida. Wow that was 2 years ago. She is awesome - she sends me emails at least once a week and this is shocking because she is one busy gal. And like most of our readers is a Mum. She has a beautiful girl name Ava - and a Fun Fact about Miss Ava - she is a cook in disguise and a gourmet chef in the making because Tracy encourage her in the kitchen.

But first let me pause and share my most favorite Recipe from Tastefully Simple...

Artichoke & Spinach Bottoms Up!Submitted by Cyndie Decowski (NJ)


1 package Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix

8 oz. softened cream cheese

1 cup shredded Swiss cheese

2 cans artichoke bottoms


Prepare Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix as directed on package with cream cheese and Swiss cheese. Chill 2 hours. Open and drain cans of artichoke bottoms. Fill each bottom with a spoonful of prepared dip. Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes or until heated through. Makes about 15 servings

It's really that easy and one I have been using for a long time now!!

Tracy sent me an email last night telling me about a giveaway she is having. And here is the real easy part all you have to do is like her FACEBOOK page (just click the word FACEBOOK and it will take you to her Fan page - click like and leave the word Evielynne sent me on the page and your good to go).

I know all of my followers will fan her page because we are all about helping each other in any way we can... I so thank you for that and you know all you have to do is ask and I will be happy to help you in any way that I can!! It's in my nature. And anything to keep you Mum's home means the world to me. (I can't tell you the number of her goal but it's an even number) and by the way I have liked and do like...

And so that my readers know I will be signing up as a consultant within the next couple of weeks and I would like to share a part of Tracy's email with you all:

The kits are still the same cost, the promotion that starts on 5/16 will allow you to earn a $50 Visa gift card if you sell $400 before June 30:

Small Kit $89 (enough samples and supplies for 2 parties plus 4 display items)

Large Kit $170 (enough samples and supplies for 4 parties plus 10 display items. You can also do a payment plan with this kit which would allow you to make 3 monthly payments of approx $56.66 per month).

For me it would be hard to do parties because I travel so much but here's the thing. You get a web page for just $10.95 per month to sell and wow that does all the work for me. What's great about this too is that everyone will want to picnic with us because I'm not only a consultant but a shopper too (soon to be a consultant). I will be able to drop off a flyer at every city we encounter for rest stops or visits. So not a bad way to start off.

Tracy is a complete sweetheart and very loyal to her friends and I wish to thank her for donating to my coffee fund... If you read this link you'll see how our coffee fund donation will be used this summer. And Tracy is very much into charity work herself (and Miss Ava)...

do check out Tracy's site - it has so much to offer and Tracy thank-you for coming to me for sharing your business info, we have great readers and many of whom will twitter and facebook this article to show their support for you!! We just rock here...

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RV Crafting

Hi everyone... I am still getting caught up on the whole inet things and boy the list is long. I have to get my tail out and get moving because I am back to work next week. So today I will post pictures of things we've been working on since being here in Idaho.


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