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Oct 31, 2011

Ornament Exchange

Hillbilly Handiworks: The Great Holiday Ornament Exchange II: Last year I had this problem. I had no Christmas decorations at all. Between all the moving lately and other things going on...we have prett...

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Crafting Blog Hop

This is a blog hop. It's FREE and there are just a couple of things to go over 1st. No Adult related blogs (porn/violence/weapons). Please be kind and follow at least 3 blogs and be sure to send them a comment telling them "Blog Hopping". This is great way to get your blog to get more followers and it's a great way to help each other out while making new friends!!

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Oct 29, 2011

Wizard of Oz

I so had to laugh...

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Oct 28, 2011

Halloween for Crafters is Crafters DREAM

Jorge was asking me the other day what my favorite holiday is? I kind of chuckled and stated "my birthday" - however this is a first for me...

But on the norm it was Halloween - think about it... Not for the spooks of it but for the crafting paradise it allows us to create. Every decoration has to be so different from everyone else's - customs don't win unless the creator has a wide range of vision... Vision equals a lot of work for the crafter. Done deal - well not really as a child yes and then getting right with God had me thinking...

Is Halloween Ethical?
By Rob Elder
Ghosts dance, witches fly, skeletons dangle. Soon packs of costumed children will be ringing doorbells, crying "Trick or treat!" Now's the time for parents to ask themselves whether their kids are going to celebrate Halloween in an ethical way.
This is not the same thing as arguing about Halloween's history. Undoubtedly the origins are both pagan and Christian. If your faith causes you to disapprove of the pagan overtones, that's a matter of religion. My concern is with the ethics of how we celebrate America's second most commercialized date, on which we spend $6.9 billion a year, at least some of it promoting greed and vandalism.

But again it got me thinking even more. Seeing cute little Minnie Mouse with a bag to hold all her candy treasures and smiling so big - how can that be evil? I think America has taken the whole celebration whether religion or pagan beliefs and ran with the whole - wow I can really get something for FREE "Treats" - Maybe we should have a food treat day - maybe hunger will disappear then - one can dream can't they....
It is a holiday that has a lot of creative crafting going on... Do you know how fast Halloween fabric sells at stores? dang super fast (I have to always order mine on-line now)...

Wow I think they may have a support group for this major fan of Halloween - What do you think?

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Be safe out there folks and have safe fun... And help those other parents out by just keeping your eyes open a little wider....

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Oct 27, 2011

Sewing Question I need HELP

Now I do have another favor to ask of you. Since you have so many followers on your blog could you ask a question for me. We are wondering if I can run my Featherweight 221 off the inverter. Or my Janome 8077? We can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. We have asked at many of the quilt shops I stop at that sell machines. I went online ask a guy that specializes in Featherweight re-builds and repair and no one seems to know. Perhaps if someone that sews or quilts that boondocks may read your blog and has run their machine off an inverter can answer my question.

If anyone has an answer for Paula, you can email her at

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Crafting Commission Work

The ole age of pimping oneself to pick up work "AKA" Commission Work. How does one go about it. My first answer is always "A lot of Luck" but it's become more then that these days. We are hungry and Jorge says that's the best form of getting work. Often a successful business once on top become less about the little people and slack for the better word because they are not hungry.
We can not depend on the working world any longer it's not a secure world any longer and having a fall-back has become the number 1 thing in our life - having our lives rely on a single movement is not an option any longer. Too many changes, too many or too little attitudes and it's a stressful living from check to check. And so we have become bull grabbing by the horns and taking some major risk to un-starve ourselves by our own power.

Commission work (Custom Orders) is becoming a dream come true for us and it's been a hard road to get to. But we are reaching it... Even I have been getting on the wagon train (everyone knows how hard I PIMP Jorge that folks seem to forget I have some hidden talents too) with commission work - I have 5 woodburning pieces I am contracted to do (1 is a super challenge for me and I am so excited)...

So what does this have to do with my blogging readers. Well I am here to remind you that you have starving friends who could use the help. So before you get into your car to head for the hills and purchase junk made from machines who have no souls - contract your friend to work. It's about time we get back into helping each other out. Some of the most wonderful Mums stay home to raise their families and support their husband rely on such at home work...   Barder - can't afford the price BARDER trust me this helps.... I do this myself and it has helped big time in our lives (right Chrissy?) Keep spreading the wealth of friendship-service-barder-products by looking at your backyard first...

Again it's about supporting ones backyard... If you are a crafty creator I'd be happy to do a blog article on you (FREE) just drop me a line at

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Oct 26, 2011

On Hand By Hand Puppets

I so love Sarah and I have been fan of hers now for lets see about 5-6 months now!! I was surfing the facebook world of my friends when I seen one of her creations and said "OMG I so want one" and I will. her babies are on my Christmas list... So when I asked her "How in the world did you become a Master of Puppets here is what she had to say...
Thank you so much! I love creating these guys!

Here's a little about me:

My name is Sarah Hainsworth. I am 24 and the wife of a wonderfully supportive and incredibly good looking man. I'm also the mommy/nanny/slave to a little black cocker spaniel and a freckly cocker/aussie mix. My husband, Bryan, is in his second and last year of PA school (thank goodness!) and I work pretty much full time on my puppets. We're in a very temporary state of life right now and I've found that the only way I can keep my sanity is through creating. Along with making puppets, I also sew clothes, make home decor items, knit, crochet, and paint. I feel like a beginner in so many of my creative endeavors, but I love every minute of it. I choose to focus of puppets because it's such a unique niche and they are so much fun! I began working with puppets in college. Of all wonderful things, my school (Brigham Young University) offered a puppetry class, so of course I had to try it out. While I am certainly no performer, I discovered a love for all of the crazy faces and personalities I could create with a bit of fabric, foam, and imagination. After graduating from college I worked with a fantastic designer creating life-size marionette-style animal puppets for a stage version of "Charlotte's Web" at a local university. After that, I worked for almost a year at a local theatre as a props and set designer. I had to quit that job when my husband got accepted to PA school and we relocated to California. After living in CA for a little while, I discovered that this place just wasn't going to let me work a day job, so I started up my etsy shop, On Hand By Hand. It started very small and I just used the basic patterns and techniques I had learned in my puppetry class in college. I got a pretty good response and made a few sales right in the beginning and it has grown from there. It's been almost a year now and I've been able to branch out a little and create my own patterns and styles. It's loads of fun and I'm so excited to see my business grow! I recently participated in my first craft fair and I hope to do many many more in the future. I absolutely love being able to see people light up when they see my puppets in person. How can you not smile when you see a puppet? I truly believe that these creations can be loved and valued by anyone and everyone, regardless of age and status. As the great Jim Henson said, "The most sophisticated people I know -- inside they are all children."

My shop is located at

and you can find me on facebook at

Here are just a tad of her puppets and to see more visit the above links... Do fan her page and let her know EVIELYNNE sent you - this helps her see where and how her fan base is growing!!

Cross-Blog Article:
Puppets are not just for children - we use them in commercials, movies, theaters, and so many other areas... check this article and we hope to see you become fans as we just became.

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PERSONAL Note to Sarah: Thank you so much and I love our new friendship - I am in such aww of artist like you. I love you and your babies sooooo much
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Oct 15, 2011

Etsy Coupon Code

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Out of Work but Working

Yes it's true soon - my husband will be unemployed for the winter. But thank goodness for etsy. The 4 stores is slowly starting to pick up more customers and the custom orders are starting to come in and this will be the saving grace for the winter months.... Since last blogging we have added 200+ items to the stores because heck yes we work and we work hard... Here are some picture of the new items and you can check the stores out and see for yourself the busy bee's at work...

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