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Oct 27, 2011

Crafting Commission Work

The ole age of pimping oneself to pick up work "AKA" Commission Work. How does one go about it. My first answer is always "A lot of Luck" but it's become more then that these days. We are hungry and Jorge says that's the best form of getting work. Often a successful business once on top become less about the little people and slack for the better word because they are not hungry.
We can not depend on the working world any longer it's not a secure world any longer and having a fall-back has become the number 1 thing in our life - having our lives rely on a single movement is not an option any longer. Too many changes, too many or too little attitudes and it's a stressful living from check to check. And so we have become bull grabbing by the horns and taking some major risk to un-starve ourselves by our own power.

Commission work (Custom Orders) is becoming a dream come true for us and it's been a hard road to get to. But we are reaching it... Even I have been getting on the wagon train (everyone knows how hard I PIMP Jorge that folks seem to forget I have some hidden talents too) with commission work - I have 5 woodburning pieces I am contracted to do (1 is a super challenge for me and I am so excited)...

So what does this have to do with my blogging readers. Well I am here to remind you that you have starving friends who could use the help. So before you get into your car to head for the hills and purchase junk made from machines who have no souls - contract your friend to work. It's about time we get back into helping each other out. Some of the most wonderful Mums stay home to raise their families and support their husband rely on such at home work...   Barder - can't afford the price BARDER trust me this helps.... I do this myself and it has helped big time in our lives (right Chrissy?) Keep spreading the wealth of friendship-service-barder-products by looking at your backyard first...

Again it's about supporting ones backyard... If you are a crafty creator I'd be happy to do a blog article on you (FREE) just drop me a line at

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  1. Love it!! You inspired me to write about commission work too!

  2. Good for you!! Bartering works for many of us!! This was a good article.