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May 31, 2011

Last Day for May for Me

I want to remind everyone that we have a contest and it ends today - I will post winner on Thursday!! I will post on the blog the winner and will need that winner's to email me so that I can have the prize mailed to you!! I will have a video picking the winner!! BUT we are having inet issues so please be patient. I know most of you know that we are up in the mountains in Idaho and eeek we have to switch broadband service because of the signal issues.
We have done so much crafting and really working hard at having a good time - lol. It's been wonderful "But" I really miss having my inet. Which means I am really missing my blogging pals. And I am so missing my May for Me friends.

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May 23, 2011

Idaho Crafting

Hello! I am so sorry about the lack of blog articles - it's only because we have no inet right now - give us about a week and we will have it again. But oh my we have been crafting like crazy. Yesterday alone I (Evielynne) did 5 beaded bracelets and I so had a blast doing them. May for Me is anything but on vacation.
Here is a sneak peak of the area.... And of course Jorge is sooooooo stressed out!! I will blog again real soon of all the goodies we've been working on...
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May 16, 2011

Moving Day

Today is moving day. We are only traveling 110 miles today. Well over night in Pasco, WA and then head off to Idaho tomorrow. Everything is packed, cleaned and amazingly organized. It was so cute last night Jorge had said to me. "Are you OK? Are you stressed?" - you see I am freak and freak out real easy when it comes to cleaning - I always would rather clean by myself then have someone around. But with the rains yesterday I just didn't have that option. I said to him "Yes I'm OK and no I am not stressed" why? Well because you didn't yell at me once. LOL - it's true folks I didn't. But there was one last cubby to work on - the coffee cubby and I don't make coffee and so I am never in the cubby. Jorge got scared LOL because it was anything but clean or organized. He feared he'd be the one reason I'd blow my lid off.
 But I didn't. It meant a lot to me that he cared enough and feared me enough to know better. But it wasn't that bad and took me about 20 minutes to clean and re-organize everything . All is right in our world again...
So for May for Me for the next 5 days will be still about relaxing - just non crafting wise - I will post pictures of our RV fun until we are in our summer location and all of our inventory is unpacked and put in it's spot.
We'll be beading for our next May for Me Project. Both Jorge and I and so it should be a lot of fun - and we won't be alone. We'll have our wonderful friend Sue from Lake Whales, FL that will be working for the same company and who is going to be my teacher this summer in crocheting and knitting - I so need to up my skills so that I can be in the same league as my very talented husband.

Please add us to your prayers today and hope to see some comments tonight (if we have wifi). I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!!

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May 15, 2011

Hillibilly and her Quilt Ministry

My friend Tonya has no clue that today being the Lord's Day (as every day should be) that my blog was going to be about her. As many of my readers know I am so loyal to my friends and when ever they need help I will do my best to be there for them. Well with that being said, lets jump right into Tonya and what she does....

Lets start off by letting everyone know she's just not a genius quilter but she is a stay at home Mum and she also does homeschooling with her family. That in and of itself is truly amazing....

Now that I have your interest going full force you may now be asking what is a Quilting Ministry? Well they are quilts made with the guidance and love from our Lord Jesus Christ. She makes them for all sorts of reasons and each quilt has its own story and several tears from Tonya as she makes them. She started this in 2010 and uses her own money more then 80% of the time and takes time to write about each quit she's made on her blog you'll see she has an amazing following 149 people (they all love her). Below are a list of quilts shes done and a direct link to find out first hand why her love is so deep.

PRAYER QUILTS:Melinda's Quilt
Cats for Missy
Savanna...future Vet

Prison Poochie Dawn
Goofy Rudy
Shy Girl Ivy
Gorgeous Jade
Ornery Quil
Tough Girl Mandi
Miss Cricket
She has a donation button - it's a little tricky to find it's on the bottom of "HER" page. But I hope you'll take a small % and help her out as we have done today. We do believe in the power and love in tithing's and Jorge and I do celebrate this and every week we choose a different source to pay and this week we choose Tonya.

Tonya you are an amazing women. We have learned so much about you. We love you very much and we are honored to call you friend. To have a friend full of love and to share it open and loud is wonderful. Keep doing what you do - the lives you touch and help is making a difference in this world.
So now you know who Tonya is and now you can step further and help her. Donate/follow her blog/ask her to make a quilt/twitter/facebook/or simply send her a comment saying how much you enjoyed her stories and that you are cheering her on.

**I was not asked to do this article or receiving anything from it - it's a friend helping a friend and bragging about the beauty that is within her.
 I do this for all my special important friends**

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May 14, 2011

May for Me Saturday

Well we are 2 sleeping nights from leaving Oregon. We hit the road Monday morning. And today it's about putting stuff away and sorting things out - FUN!!

Jorge's winter boss has invited us over for dinner and we are thrilled. Jorge of course is like a little kid when it comes to food - even our friends know this (Sue our friend sent Jorge for his birthday 2lbs of fudge - pan size fudge and peanut brittle to last a year in normal terms but for Jorge is lasted no more then 2 weeks) and so often he gets treat packages via snail mail - SPOILED he is.

So today I will post pictures (and I am so sorry I used Jorge's camera - mine is really starting not to work because of the camp host last season dropping it - errrrr but it wasn't her fault but the other person who caused it - ERRRRRRRRRRRRR lets not go there).

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I picked #8

Nap Time Crafters: Haley Davis Giveaway & a Winner!: "Welcome to my newest sponsor- Haley Davis! If you're looking for a darling camera strap you've come to the right place! Haley D..."

Go enter this giveaway and comment back here what number you liked!!

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May 13, 2011

Tracy Koss Tastefully Simple

As a loyal friend when ever any of my friends need help I am so there... And today is one of those days. Now most of our readers work from home and we all know how much of a challenge that is. But for you Mums I can only imagine how much pressure you go through to earn an income. I have found that blogging is a great source of support and a great way to help each other out.

So let me tell you about Tracy Koss who is a Tastefully Simple, Independent Consultant and I meet her back when we lived in Florida. Wow that was 2 years ago. She is awesome - she sends me emails at least once a week and this is shocking because she is one busy gal. And like most of our readers is a Mum. She has a beautiful girl name Ava - and a Fun Fact about Miss Ava - she is a cook in disguise and a gourmet chef in the making because Tracy encourage her in the kitchen.

But first let me pause and share my most favorite Recipe from Tastefully Simple...

Artichoke & Spinach Bottoms Up!Submitted by Cyndie Decowski (NJ)

1 package Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix
8 oz. softened cream cheese
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese
2 cans artichoke bottoms

Prepare Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix as directed on package with cream cheese and Swiss cheese. Chill 2 hours. Open and drain cans of artichoke bottoms. Fill each bottom with a spoonful of prepared dip. Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes or until heated through. Makes about 15 servings
It's really that easy and one I have been using for a long time now!!

Tracy sent me an email last night telling me about a giveaway she is having. And here is the real easy part all you have to do is like her FACEBOOK page (just click the word FACEBOOK and it will take you to her Fan page - click like and leave the word Evielynne sent me on the page and your good to go).

I know all of my followers will fan her page because we are all about helping each other in any way we can... I so thank you for that and you know all you have to do is ask and I will be happy to help you in any way that I can!! It's in my nature. And anything to keep you Mum's home means the world to me. (I can't tell you the number of her goal but it's an even number) and by the way I have liked and do like...

And so that my readers know I will be signing up as a consultant within the next couple of weeks and I would like to share a part of Tracy's email with you all:

The kits are still the same cost, the promotion that starts on 5/16 will allow you to earn a $50 Visa gift card if you sell $400 before June 30:

Small Kit $89 (enough samples and supplies for 2 parties plus 4 display items)

Large Kit $170 (enough samples and supplies for 4 parties plus 10 display items. You can also do a payment plan with this kit which would allow you to make 3 monthly payments of approx $56.66 per month).

For me it would be hard to do parties because I travel so much but here's the thing. You get a web page for just $10.95 per month to sell and wow that does all the work for me. What's great about this too is that everyone will want to picnic with us because I'm not only a consultant but a shopper too (soon to be a consultant). I will be able to drop off a flyer at every city we encounter for rest stops or visits. So not a bad way to start off.

Tracy is a complete sweetheart and very loyal to her friends and I wish to thank her for donating to my coffee fund... If you read this link you'll see how our coffee fund donation will be used this summer. And Tracy is very much into charity work herself (and Miss Ava)...

do check out Tracy's site - it has so much to offer and Tracy thank-you for coming to me for sharing your business info, we have great readers and many of whom will twitter and facebook this article to show their support for you!! We just rock here...

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I could cry

I worked so hard on Tracy's blog article just to have it wiped... I heard they will put it back on and so I will wait a day or so on it and if it's not returned then I will do a re-write. It's going to take a couple of days to re-organize and fix things up in my blog so drop me a line with something nice to read - I need a major hug.... I am happy to report that there is a new 30-day participant on my blog and I am working on her button now... So when she's up I hope you stop by and check her out!!

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May 11, 2011

May for Me Barbie's Q & A

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Reese (after Reese Witherspoon - for her beautiful blonde hair)

Q: So Reese, What brought you here to "May for Me"?
A: Well you see, I work for Jorge Sanchez. I model his outfits for him.

Q: Can you tell us a little about "May for Me"?
A: Well if you CLICK HERE you can read all about and sign up for their $20 gift card giveaway but I
     can tell you this much. It's keeping me employed. And I am so thankful for "May for Me"

Q: How long have you worked for Mr. Sanchez?
A: Lets see it's gone so fast now - I think about 2 months now. And LOL you can call him Jorge   everyone does.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?
A: Well, very simple and basic. I sleep in this wonderful container that's labeled Reese - see I am a top model and I have my own label (like the stars with their names on their doors). And when Jorge is ready for me to work I change into a lot of gorgeous outfits. I eat in between shots and take breaks whenever I want.

Q: What do you do when your not modeling clothes?
A: I read a lot - right now I'm reading this wonderful book called

It's a really good book and every girl under the age of 10 should have one...

Q: So you like to read?
A: I do and if you click the barbie amazon link you can get it at very good price.

Q: So your not only smart but thrifty too?
A: Well yes, Jorge pays me well but there are bills I have to pay like, gas, food, clothes and just every day wants and needs.

Q: Why did you leave your last job?
A: Well there are labor laws and just plain didn't like the way they treated their employees - here it's the best job I've ever had.

Q: What experience do you have in this field?
A: Watching TV

Q: Watching TV? Explain to us how this works.
A: Well have you ever seen the movie Mannequin? Well Jonathan Switcher who is played by my all time favorite actor Andrew McCarthy - who is a sexy dream boat. Well he falls in love with the Mannequin and I just pretend to be her.

Q:What is your philosophy towards work?
A: Well, I see how hard my boss and his wife Evielynne works and I always keep that in my head when I am working. If I do my best then they succeed and that means for a better check. I like how they work together and are always praising each other on their projects.

Q: Are you single? Married? Looking?
A: It's sad to say this out loud but yes I am single and yes I am looking. I know Evielynne is friends with this cool guy name Ken and she said soon we'll meet.

Q: Really? What do you plan on wearing when you meet this Ken?
A: Don't know my boss is making a designer dress just for the occasion.

Well Reese this has been one of the best interviews I've ever done. You are a lovely doll in every form. It's been a lot of fun talking to you. Now can I ask you to pose for the May for Me blog article?
A: I would be so honored! thanks for asking and can I just add that this has been a lot of fun for me too. I thought the interview would be more about my favorite color (which by the way is yellow) my favorite number and those sort of silly questions. Thank you this has been so much fun.

And here are some fantastic photo prints of the lovely Reese. I hope that you Facebook and Twitter this interview. Do post a question for Reese in the comment form and she'll be sure to answer them back!!


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May 10, 2011

A change on my Blog

It's that time again. Things have yet changed yet again. I was with AdSense and the program just didn't work well for us and so now I am with something that will really works for my page. I know I have several friends, family members and even fans that are always trying to support our way of living while on the road and here I've listed some ways to do that... And so in advance I do thank you from the heart!!

Buy something I have made.

I have my MrsCraftyRVing etsy Store, and two more Etsy shops filled with things to choose from. 

Support one of my sponsors.

In the area of the right sidebar marked “participats” you will find  small one-person businesses 30-day advertising sponsorships. Clicking on any of these spots and making a purchase either encourages the sponsors to continue to advertise, or earns me a small commission (depending on the type of ad).


You could have one of the above mentioned spots for your own business.

Buy a book from my Amazon associated shop.

If you’re going book shopping anyway, you might as well send a tiny commission my way, right? It doesn’t cost you anything extra.


Buy a little something from my wish list.

Do you know how thrilled I would be to get an unexpected treat in the mail, especially one that I’ve been daydreaming about? Very! Oh, and I am a big supporter of buying crafts. So that yarns and crafty kits will always be on my wish list for life? And well you all now Jorge is my sewing king.


Buy me a cup of coffee. (as much as I love StarBucks we are talking about FOLGERS - keeps me home and keeps me crafting)...

A few dollars in my PayPal account so I could make a cup of coffee before picking up knitting needle or crocheting hooks in the afternoon? Yummy. The button below will take you to my PayPal tip jar (aka “coffee fund”).

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Mission Montana The Rattes CD Review and GiveAway

Her daughter is so cute - this is for all the Mum's I know - go enter and win!!

Mission Montana: The Rattles CD Review and Giveaway (2 winners): "Sophie is all about moving lately. She loves music whether it be playing on the radio or television. She will dance and laugh! It is so fu..."

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May 9, 2011

test post

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May for Me Business Card Style

Again it's so hard to give advice on what Jorge's does because more then 90% of the time he doesn't use a standard pattern. Today was no different...

Handmade Bi Fold Fabric Credit Card Holder

I can be custom make in any color or theme - custom orders can be done with-in 48 hours per outfit (most often in the same day)

Birthday Parties, Sleep Over Parties, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, Valentine’s Gift, Secret Santa’s, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers or just to plain give away…..
(Credit Card NOT included)

SIZE:*Standard Business and or Credit Card size
*Approx 4 1/2" X 3"

Evielynne & Jorge are the designers and just loves
to sew and design as well as quilt...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for more cuties

WASH DIRECTIONS: can be handwashed in cold water and laid flat to dry.


I have been in the Graphic Design Industry for the last 15 years. I take pride in my work and will go out of my way to do my best to work with my clients to satisfy their needs.


PayPal is my preferred method for receiving payments. Once payment is made I will email you a form to fill out to let me know a little bit more about your company to help me design the perfect logo for you

If you are not satisfied with your designs, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. I want my clients to be fully satisfied, and will do anything in my power to do that.   
What would you like to see Jorge do next?
Would love to hear and so would he...
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Dye Candy May for Me GiveAway

Dye Candy: May For Me Giveaways - 6 chances to win!: "I've spent the last few months dyeing and making jewelry for Spring and Summer quilt shows with very little time to quilt. When Marcia me..."

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