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May 15, 2011

Hillibilly and her Quilt Ministry

My friend Tonya has no clue that today being the Lord's Day (as every day should be) that my blog was going to be about her. As many of my readers know I am so loyal to my friends and when ever they need help I will do my best to be there for them. Well with that being said, lets jump right into Tonya and what she does....

Lets start off by letting everyone know she's just not a genius quilter but she is a stay at home Mum and she also does homeschooling with her family. That in and of itself is truly amazing....

Now that I have your interest going full force you may now be asking what is a Quilting Ministry? Well they are quilts made with the guidance and love from our Lord Jesus Christ. She makes them for all sorts of reasons and each quilt has its own story and several tears from Tonya as she makes them. She started this in 2010 and uses her own money more then 80% of the time and takes time to write about each quit she's made on her blog you'll see she has an amazing following 149 people (they all love her). Below are a list of quilts shes done and a direct link to find out first hand why her love is so deep.

PRAYER QUILTS:Melinda's Quilt
Cats for Missy
Savanna...future Vet

Prison Poochie Dawn
Goofy Rudy
Shy Girl Ivy
Gorgeous Jade
Ornery Quil
Tough Girl Mandi
Miss Cricket
She has a donation button - it's a little tricky to find it's on the bottom of "HER" page. But I hope you'll take a small % and help her out as we have done today. We do believe in the power and love in tithing's and Jorge and I do celebrate this and every week we choose a different source to pay and this week we choose Tonya.

Tonya you are an amazing women. We have learned so much about you. We love you very much and we are honored to call you friend. To have a friend full of love and to share it open and loud is wonderful. Keep doing what you do - the lives you touch and help is making a difference in this world.
So now you know who Tonya is and now you can step further and help her. Donate/follow her blog/ask her to make a quilt/twitter/facebook/or simply send her a comment saying how much you enjoyed her stories and that you are cheering her on.

**I was not asked to do this article or receiving anything from it - it's a friend helping a friend and bragging about the beauty that is within her.
 I do this for all my special important friends**

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  1. Well, my goodness, here it is after 11 pm and I just now got to this in my reader! I had NO IDEA. Wow, you guys are so awesome. Thanks for the shout out. Sometimes it seems so hard to come up with some of the materials, but then God always takes care of it. Hugs to you!!!!!!

  2. Great post! My Sis deserves it!