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May 16, 2011

Moving Day

Today is moving day. We are only traveling 110 miles today. Well over night in Pasco, WA and then head off to Idaho tomorrow. Everything is packed, cleaned and amazingly organized. It was so cute last night Jorge had said to me. "Are you OK? Are you stressed?" - you see I am freak and freak out real easy when it comes to cleaning - I always would rather clean by myself then have someone around. But with the rains yesterday I just didn't have that option. I said to him "Yes I'm OK and no I am not stressed" why? Well because you didn't yell at me once. LOL - it's true folks I didn't. But there was one last cubby to work on - the coffee cubby and I don't make coffee and so I am never in the cubby. Jorge got scared LOL because it was anything but clean or organized. He feared he'd be the one reason I'd blow my lid off.
 But I didn't. It meant a lot to me that he cared enough and feared me enough to know better. But it wasn't that bad and took me about 20 minutes to clean and re-organize everything . All is right in our world again...
So for May for Me for the next 5 days will be still about relaxing - just non crafting wise - I will post pictures of our RV fun until we are in our summer location and all of our inventory is unpacked and put in it's spot.
We'll be beading for our next May for Me Project. Both Jorge and I and so it should be a lot of fun - and we won't be alone. We'll have our wonderful friend Sue from Lake Whales, FL that will be working for the same company and who is going to be my teacher this summer in crocheting and knitting - I so need to up my skills so that I can be in the same league as my very talented husband.

Please add us to your prayers today and hope to see some comments tonight (if we have wifi). I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!!

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  1. Good morning,I would like you to read my 2 last post.I'm interested in what a REAL full time RVer would have to say.Now off to read your post for today.

  2. I like to clean by myself too. It drives me crazy that I am never alone, so I don't seem to get things as clean as I'd like. I've started using an alarm clock. When it goes off I force myself to clean something...even with all these boys around...and then I do what I want for an hour til the alarm goes off again. I need to go set that alarm now....

  3. sounds fun to me-esp.if I get to continue with my crafts,craft in groups sounds even more fun.If I get to see my 4 daughters all I want,and of course Grandkids.I know the only thing stopping us would be our family ties,but I don't want them to come with us either HEHE.

  4. Have a great trip and enjoy your relaxing time.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Be Carefull out there driving have fun can't wait for the update


  6. You are always in our prayers, especially when you are on the road. I know you will have a wonderful summer. Crafting, learning, enjoying, amazing.