Crafting Newletter


May 10, 2011

A change on my Blog

It's that time again. Things have yet changed yet again. I was with AdSense and the program just didn't work well for us and so now I am with something that will really works for my page. I know I have several friends, family members and even fans that are always trying to support our way of living while on the road and here I've listed some ways to do that... And so in advance I do thank you from the heart!!

Buy something I have made.

I have my MrsCraftyRVing etsy Store, and two more Etsy shops filled with things to choose from. 

Support one of my sponsors.

In the area of the right sidebar marked “participats” you will find  small one-person businesses 30-day advertising sponsorships. Clicking on any of these spots and making a purchase either encourages the sponsors to continue to advertise, or earns me a small commission (depending on the type of ad).


You could have one of the above mentioned spots for your own business.

Buy a book from my Amazon associated shop.

If you’re going book shopping anyway, you might as well send a tiny commission my way, right? It doesn’t cost you anything extra.


Buy a little something from my wish list.

Do you know how thrilled I would be to get an unexpected treat in the mail, especially one that I’ve been daydreaming about? Very! Oh, and I am a big supporter of buying crafts. So that yarns and crafty kits will always be on my wish list for life? And well you all now Jorge is my sewing king.


Buy me a cup of coffee. (as much as I love StarBucks we are talking about FOLGERS - keeps me home and keeps me crafting)...

A few dollars in my PayPal account so I could make a cup of coffee before picking up knitting needle or crocheting hooks in the afternoon? Yummy. The button below will take you to my PayPal tip jar (aka “coffee fund”).

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