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May 31, 2011

Last Day for May for Me

I want to remind everyone that we have a contest and it ends today - I will post winner on Thursday!! I will post on the blog the winner and will need that winner's to email me so that I can have the prize mailed to you!! I will have a video picking the winner!! BUT we are having inet issues so please be patient. I know most of you know that we are up in the mountains in Idaho and eeek we have to switch broadband service because of the signal issues.
We have done so much crafting and really working hard at having a good time - lol. It's been wonderful "But" I really miss having my inet. Which means I am really missing my blogging pals. And I am so missing my May for Me friends.

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  1. We are missing you too! I was so glad when I went to Google reader and there you were! A post! YES! So glad to hear from you --- May for Me Friend!

    It's not the end it's the beginning! And don't be sad it ended, be glad we did it!

    Sounds like you are enjoying your adventures!

  2. We are so much missing you too!

  3. That looks like a lovely walk. We miss you too!

  4. Your black doggy reminds me of our Portia. (Is it a Border Collie?) Wherever that picture was taken, it looks beautiful there. :)

  5. Wish I was walking down the road with you and your girls!