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Jun 14, 2011

Revenge Help lol

I hate not having inet - I really do. July 14th is when we get it back and I am so counting down the days.

We are having a major blast up here in Idaho!! Things are getting done and we are ready for summer - it's been raining A LOT here and well we are ready for sunshine for more then one day at a time. I am wearing a jacket still - can you believe that.... EEEEK and it's a great thing we 100% adore the big boss here. They have been beyond wonderful!! And having our friends on the other end of the gate has been a complete joy.... She's so easy to pick on and I need to plan a little revenge on here and turn to my blogging world to help me cook one up.

I am a freak about being ready and not having someone wait for me. I think it's rude to make people wait and I never want to do that to anyone. Well my little smarty pants friend knows this and decided to show up a 1/2 hour earlier just to be funny about - I so panicked and now it's revenge time.... Any ideas? Let me know in the comment form. This has to be all in fun of course I do love my Sue!!

So let me sign off with some pictures of our area and what we've been up to. And know that we really miss our blogging world friends!! It's just cool to go so long with out blogging!!

And here are some fun pictures to share....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. I'm glad you all are doing OK! Those are some great pics. :) I have no idea on what to do for a revenge...

  2. Good to hear from you again! I miss reading and enjoying your posts! Look forward to when you are back on as a regular, but I understand. Great photos on what you are up to! Hope it gets a little warmer for you there.

    Have a great day and week and month!


  3. Great pictures Evie!! Looking forward to you having full time internet again! You are in a gorgeous spot - hopefully it warms up soon!
    Hugs - Janice & Gerald