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Oct 28, 2011

Halloween for Crafters is Crafters DREAM

Jorge was asking me the other day what my favorite holiday is? I kind of chuckled and stated "my birthday" - however this is a first for me...

But on the norm it was Halloween - think about it... Not for the spooks of it but for the crafting paradise it allows us to create. Every decoration has to be so different from everyone else's - customs don't win unless the creator has a wide range of vision... Vision equals a lot of work for the crafter. Done deal - well not really as a child yes and then getting right with God had me thinking...

Is Halloween Ethical?
By Rob Elder
Ghosts dance, witches fly, skeletons dangle. Soon packs of costumed children will be ringing doorbells, crying "Trick or treat!" Now's the time for parents to ask themselves whether their kids are going to celebrate Halloween in an ethical way.
This is not the same thing as arguing about Halloween's history. Undoubtedly the origins are both pagan and Christian. If your faith causes you to disapprove of the pagan overtones, that's a matter of religion. My concern is with the ethics of how we celebrate America's second most commercialized date, on which we spend $6.9 billion a year, at least some of it promoting greed and vandalism.

But again it got me thinking even more. Seeing cute little Minnie Mouse with a bag to hold all her candy treasures and smiling so big - how can that be evil? I think America has taken the whole celebration whether religion or pagan beliefs and ran with the whole - wow I can really get something for FREE "Treats" - Maybe we should have a food treat day - maybe hunger will disappear then - one can dream can't they....
It is a holiday that has a lot of creative crafting going on... Do you know how fast Halloween fabric sells at stores? dang super fast (I have to always order mine on-line now)...

Wow I think they may have a support group for this major fan of Halloween - What do you think?

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Be safe out there folks and have safe fun... And help those other parents out by just keeping your eyes open a little wider....

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1 comment:

  1. Well - I would have to be in the "don't like" column on the Hallowe'en issue. It's just gotten so commercialized, and truly, do North Americans really need to be eating so much candy? The amount that is spent on garbage food would go a long way to feeding starving people in destitute countries ... just my opinion ;-)
    Hugs!! Janice