Crafting Newletter


Jul 24, 2011

Pattern Cutting

Yes my husband has me working like a dog once my computer gets shut off for the day - eeek... So I work from 4am till approx noon and then I cut, knit, crochet or something... I so love it!! Our charity work is making good progress and already given away 15 little tiny purses to the LDS Church as our 2011 winter project. I need a vacation from vacation folks... No really I do love it!! Currently working on a present for one special teen Miss Chasity... Can't show you pictures because she's a sneak and may see it on here and we just can't have that. We ship Tuesday!! But instead we will show this picture...
Notice my chair? LOL - we need some sales so we can afford a decent one for me. wanna support that theory? Just check out we will be adding 40 new products next week (I kid you not)....
Also you'll note no coffee... Now this is just a sad case of OMG are you for real? Just down below is my refill coffee fund...

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  1. Love your chair! Sounds like you two keep pretty busy crafting and enjoy the fresh air!

  2. Can't wait to see what you have made


  3. There, now go get a cup of coffee already. LOL