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Jul 10, 2011

Jorge's Barbie Doll Review on YouTube

What a shock we just had... A pass customer had hired Jorge to do 6 outfits and she did a review of her thoughts on them on her YouTube account so here is the link to the video of the review in which we are so grateful for. Jorge is almost singing and dancing big time.

SuzanneSky1 is her YouTube name and she has lot of reviews to check out and we are honored to be on her good side of a review.... This is our 2nd positive review done!! Jorge you are now ordered to make more doll clothes ASAP (yes dear - as he's saying)...
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  1. Janet Larson (Front Meadow RV)July 10, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    Wow you two Congrats. Now listen Evielynne you get credit too. You are always helping others and putting yourself last. I've seen it in person and I see how you help people with your BLOG. It's great to see someone step up and put you on the front page as they say. We miss and love you two very much and hope you will come back this way soon. Keep up the great job guys.

  2. Can we see a video of Jorge singing and dancing big time?? LOL
    You have had some great reviews...and you deserve it!