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Jul 10, 2011

Art Fire Store and a Dear Friend of Mine Equal the Same

My dear friend Chrissy has so much faith in me and knows that I will jump through fire to help her. And so here is my fire - the web world...

Chrissy has gone and done it again and is expanding her services to other forms of networks this time using Art Fire which is a new one for me. I have to tell you she is so happy with their services and it's really cheap to sell all homemade items and it's the perfect time of year to open a new store up because hey "WE ARE IN CHRISTMAS SEASON"....

I am a full time stay at home mother of 4. This business started out as a hobby before my 1st child was born. And now it my living. Over the years I've learned how to be creative and selective in what my children use. Crayons have always been a hit for generation and I've created fun ways for children to color. With 4 children birthday party themes are a must. For each of my children are into different fads. You'll see my store options are always changing but be assured that I do custom orders and that's most of business is catering to those custom orders. I have been doing this for over 20 years. I have a strong customer base and welcome all new customers. Our store is your second family. So welcome

I list new items every day if there is something you see like the crayon of the month club etc and you would love to get it but to much all at once I can invoice you for the gift every month before sending it how to help I love custom orders no order is to large for me.

And because I am helping her out by posting this on my blog she in return would like to help you out and offer our blog readers a discount by using the code coupon code ChristmasinJuly2011....

And here are my two choices of  "MY PICKS"

She does everything from Party Supplies to Daycares, Easter Baskets, Christmas Gifts as well as Bridal Showers and most of her business is Custom Orders... 

The reason for my picks is that - in the summer no one uses blankets and therefore never buys them but you know what - it's cheaper to buy them in the summer and so with that in mind - I figured on helping my reading just a tad bit more...

Chrissy has made a donation to our site and we thank her for that... As you know I am happy to help anyone that has an honest good hearted store/web/story/information. And for those that have web stores for just $5.00 a month you can have a blog button placed on blog. With that we will also place your info on all 4 of our facebooks and twitter on all of our accounts to help spread the word about you!!

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Web Service & Donation

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  1. Evielynne
    AGAIN - thank you for helping me out. You are the best at helping me get the word out about my store. $5.00 is no sweat out of my pocket and well worth the donation, I wish I could donate more but with 4 kids I have to save where I can. I look forward working with you again.