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Jul 15, 2011

Daisies in My Jar and Yarn on My Needles

Well since I have to be up before the chickens now, I lose a lot of crafting time now. I work from approx 4am till approx 11-12noon Mon thru Fri now (I use to be able to take the same days off as my husband but now my boss has a ton of research for me to do this summer and so now I can't until January - but I dare not complain because I get to work from the comfort of my rig).

And so today is my last day of work (shhhhh I got to take this Wed/Thurs off but no more). And so after I completed my work day - I decided to start on a new set of mittens. LOL but the phone kept ringing and time kept creeping by and so here is where I am at. I also want to thank Pat from Campground_Crafter for helping me today with a knitting question. It means a lot to me when someone of her skills takes the time to help little ole me.

This summer was suppose to be about learning new skills and I am so failing in this department - Sue a lady who is working for the same company as my husband is also from Campground_Crafter has taught me one stitch and I am grateful for that. And so now I am pushing the issue and turning to youtube and my personal videos I've purchased to learn more. After all this is more then just a hobby for us. We do run 4 stores and would like people to continue to purchase our things and to be able to ask if I can make something and I can jump up and say - That? Heck yes I can do that up for you.

And so today after finishing up with my work - I head outside with my husband and sat to knit. After dinner (we eat outside as we do most days) my husband was looking at the table he made (yep it's a poor mans table but you know what? It was made with love) and says "Wow your knitting is so natural and beautiful". And so he snapped a pictures and here's what it looks like.

I love it. And so tomorrow with my having the entire day off - will work on the rest of my project and get her up for sale ASAP.... But oooooh there is a 40% chance of rain tomorrow - so it maybe a movie day with knitting (hey either way I am knitting and for me that's a dream come true)...

Did you know that Daisies are my favorite flower and so
what is my 2nd favorite flower?
Leave answer in the comment feed...
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  1. Maybe sunflowers, they are similar to daisies.

  2. Love the table and the flowers and the knitting. It all makes for a picture perfect day!

  3. Daisies are very pretty! I'm partial to black-eyed-susans & that would be my guess! I'm glad you are back to blogging!

  4. You said sweet such a sweet thing about me and I appreciate it. As fast as you are learning to knit, one of these days I will be able to say, "I knew her back when she could barely knit a stitch! Look at her now!".

    Love the table, looks like some I saw in a store full of primitives for lots of $$. The daisies are perfect on it and the yellow eye matches your yarn.

  5. Lavendar, lilac, pansies, petunias, carnations, gillyflowers, lobelia, allysium, snapdragons, sweetpeas, sweet williams, straw flowers, roses, hydrangeas, iris, peonies, camillias, calla lillies, mums, marigolds, daffodils, tulips, rhododendrens, azaleas, poppies.