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Aug 13, 2011

Jorge does Charity Work

We are so excited to announce that Jorge was hired by Sweet Pillow Blessings to design a Barbie Dress to be model by one lucky Barbie Doll our of 300 Barbies the owner has. What is so unique about these dresses (one of which we donated to make and she purchase the other) is that they are in the colors of her web site. I can't show off the dress yet because they are in the mail and I want her to see her items first and then I will share on here. Jorge was so honored to have done this (even more so after reading their entire WEB page).

We can all make a difference if we just had an "ounce" of compassion - really that's all it takes and from what I had seen and heard of sweet pillow blessing is that they have "TONS" of compassion to share but still need our help and support. So stop over and check them out and see how you can help.

If it's something you just don't have the time or money - just post their web site on your web page/facebook/blog. She found us on Twitter and right now I am beyond thrilled at Twitter for pairing us up!!
You can also copy this picture and link this picture to her org and place on your blog - we sure would love to help be a part of spreading the word.

So check back by the weekend and see what Jorge did!! It's so cute and I know for a fact my friend Holly (from Mission Montana) is so going to freak because not only is she a wonderful person but she is very much in the same league is Sweet Pillow Blessings and God Bless ALL...

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  1. Cool! I can't wait to see the Barbie dress!

  2. Charity work is very rewarding. Jorge is going to be busy with all these Barbie dresses coming up!