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Aug 24, 2011

Jorge pass the Test. Sewing up a Storm Now.

The one thing we learned is to have the utmost communication with ALL of our customers. Treat them as you would want to be treated.
The Charity dress that Jorge did had this to say:

August 23 2011 10:50pm EDT               
The colors, the workmanship...everything...PERFECT. You 2 are awesome. I tweeted you soon as I get a check after the 1st from my office...I will order more roll ups. I can't wait for the Hospital and the orphanage to get these. I fund all of this myself so right now just to keep up with sending the seamstresses fabric and all...I am working non stop. It's my passion though and no matter what, I will do this :) I am also taking on a new project that I haven;t posted yet in Los Angeles, Holy Cross Trauma never

Hugs to ya both <3

Imagine doing what Karen does all from your own pocketbook - truly an amazing person... Please be sure to check out her web site: and see how you can team up with her or to at least send her email mail and tell her how great she is. We look forward ourselves working with her...

So yesterday Jorge did his demo dresses for the BIG contract he has with another customer in who I have to state for the record has beyond awesome communication (56 emails between us - AWESOME and what we like) and from every step knows what she wants... She loved the demo dresses (and her favorite is the green dress as it is also mine - however Jorge's favorite is the purple one) and they are now up for sale in our store. Here they are....
This is my favorite (Evielynne's)
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:

The details are amazing - this customer has brought the best out in
Jorge and looks forward to being challenged more.
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:

This is Jorge's favorite.
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:

I didn't put the hat on correct but it does sit on her
head better then what you are seeing.
You can find both of these doll outfits for sale at:
 And today Jorge is working - he routine until Monday will be 2 full complete outfits and 1 main dress for the store. Then Monday he'll do more - his goal is 5 but that has to be in between customer checking in - but I got that covered because I will be outside with my computer working on my work and I can wait on customers as they come in... No one can say we are lazy that's for sure... Multi tasked is the key we have to live by and acting like a team and being in sync is our secret.

We do joke around with the dolls - telling them what's in store for them - and well Trixie will be working over time  starting Monday and lucky Reese is only working part-time. You have to be silly when it comes to crafting - it should be fun otherwise "What's the Point".  Besides we are fun folks!!

Question of the Day?
What was the easiest Custom order you ever did?
Would love to hear... Leave a comment...
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  1. Jorge - you truly amaze me ... and Evie has always amazed me :-) You do such gorgeous work!
    Love and hugs - Janice