Crafting Newletter


Nov 12, 2011

Crafting Newletter

As many of you know we run 4 etsy stores and well we solely re lie on them as of late. California unemployment has messed up my husband paperwork bad and we still haven't seen a dime. Since Oct 24th and now we are counting the pennies like most Americans. So instead of crying or running to the state welfare office we are working harder for ourselves. Not a bad deal and it's honest hard work. So I come to my bloggers to see if they like to sign up for our newsletter (no more then 2 a month) and who knows we may have something you need or want. And the great thing about a newsletter is that you can forward them. We've tried the whole posting on facebook and our traffic report on etsy says FACEBOOK sucks. Kareninthewoods brings us a lot of hits and girlinair are the only 2 blogs that bring us traffic. And so yeah we are hurting in the views area and gotta keep reaching to fill the tums as you could say.
So todays saying is "WILL WORK FOR TURKEY"

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