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Nov 11, 2011

Military Spouse an A in My Book

Vets you know you rock.... Other wise you'd have no heart or soul to serve our country. Your born with it. You have it by design and we honor it. I want to also thank the spouses who support their husbands/wives...

Just how do they do it? How to they keep busy? How do they keep their heart pure? Just what goes through there minds when there alone while their other 1/2 is putting his/her life on the line not daily but every flipping second of their tour????

I came across this blog written by one beautiful young lady. And as I got to reading and reading and more reading I slowly understood. Life goes on and it how it goes on for her that made me smile/laugh/think/say many awes or OMG really? And then quielty I said a prayer for her. To add to the boot she has a child - now the task is really on and my respect for her grows...

The Crafty Military Wife
The Crafty Military Wife
I hope you take a couple of minutes and get to know this wonderful crafty (ummm sorry ARTSY) lady and say hi to her... I honor her and all the other spouses out there in the very same boat.
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