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Nov 7, 2011


You know we are asked all the time "Where in the world do we get our fabrics from?" As a general rule (our on-line most favorite store) or in person at Jo-Ann's fabric. But when I need something fast I run to this person ALWAYS.

I use to buy on ebay - what a flipping Joke.... Lets see I ordered 6 different fabric theme fabric all on the same day from 6 different ebay shop owners. And would you believe only 1 came in super fast while I had problems with the other 5 (and 3 of those shop owners claimed to have been in the hospital and the others were sick) - I so kid you not ebay has become a glorified yard sale period.

Then I got to thinking why not try ETSY and so I did. I got all my packages just fine except for one - I paid for the priority on a Thursday and she had the nerve to mail it first class on a Monday - MAD A A BEE I WAS.... But this shop "The Busy Bee" did great on her first shipping and so I tested the waters with her on the 2nd and dang she still did a perfect order on the 3rd...

Why is this sooooo important - well for one thing she's in Mangum, Oklahoma and we are in Rufus, Oregon and I still get my packages from her quicker then anyone... She sends the fabric in a cute wrapping and a card/invoice copy and a card of thanks each and every time she's sent something our way.

Fabric is important to us - it's our life line and so when a company of this nature treats us as gold then well heck yes we will do the same and now I try to do all my fabric shopping from her... The dang lady will even research a theme fabric for me if she doesn't carry it. I so love her and she is a perfect role model as to how a business should be run.

She learned that I was going to post her business card after her 3rd shipping of our product - she's earned it and she is our business choice of the year. Do favorite her if you are an etsy store owner because I tell you what there are far and few business owners that put small people like us first!! And that means a great deal to us!!

Thank you Virginia Zinn - Store Owner of "The Busy Bee" you can also email her - just look at the business card for what ever info you need to make your own magic with her!! I am keeping her for as long as she runs her business!!
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  1. How nice that you do a shoutout for her on your blog! I will go look her up on etsy and favorite her too. I LOVE ETSY! It's been very good to me--- just shipped out 9 pairs of socks to Etsy customers yesterday. And many become repeat customers once they get their first pair on their feet! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Thank you...I am always looking for a good fabric supplier.