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Nov 8, 2011

The Busy Bee

Wow when I read this morning - it got me all emotional and made me miss my own GrandMum very much - she's been gone now a little over a year and had a huge inpact on my life.
Shawn Simpson
November 8 2011 9:31am EDT
Mrs Evielynne, thank you so much for such wonderful reviews....... We are lucky to have found a great customer like you. I hope we have many years of serving each other.
I would like to share a little history of our store. My grandmother (Virginia Zinn) started The Busy Bee in 1997. She has always been very crafty, so she started the store as more of a hobby place for herself and friends. Over the years it has grown and she was able to provide more fabrics to her customers. Last December my grandfather became ill and she needed to stay home with him, so I quit my job and stepped up to run her store for her. It doesn't pay well, but I wouldn't have it any other way. With the help of my brother we decided to try a online store, with alot of research we found ETSY to be a good place to start. So began our adventure. My grandfather is doing ALOT better, so grandma and I are working together again. I run the Etsy store, and she and I run the storefront together. I have had the opportunity to do something most people never get the chance to, and that is to stand by my grandma and learn so much from her.

I can't tell you how excited I am to know that our hard work is recognized. I have always believed that without the customer you would have nothing. I will go above and beyond for my customers. :)

Thanks again,

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