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Nov 4, 2011

Barbie Madness We Love

Lets see 30 hats 30 dresses and 30 beaded belts ='s FIRST ORDER
and then 31 and 1 dress outfit same customer ="s SECOND ORDER

and the Lord Blessed us last night with a THIRD ORDER ='s 72 HATS, I so kid you not - Jorge is beaming and just a step closer to reaching our dream... However the minute we get that new machine will confirm everything we've worked our tail bones on doing for OURSELVES...

We keep investing a lot of time into our work and it's not work really - it's passion that pays. And it's the pay that puts food in our belly.

Store is picking up more business and well we take nothing for granted - we are saving for medical bills and for an upgrade on our RV (we are more then ready for this change in our lives)...

We wanted to share our blessing with our readers today knowing that some of you truly worry for us - just know your prayers work and our eyes or clear with a beautiful sight of the path that we need to continue to follow!!

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