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Nov 2, 2011

Flash1214 Here for you

I have been crocheting since I was 12 my Mom taught me, she said before she leaves this earth I will learn my mom passed 10 years ago and miss her so much.
I am so hapy she taught me.
I had 2 Major back surgerys and my crafts helped me tru my therapy, I am unemployed and depend on selling my handmade crafts, it helps to put food on the table.
My favorite hoppy is making hand made crafts beading earrings necklace crochet along with music .
I love to make everyone happy
I have a craft site on Etsy and Yardsellr always posting new items I love to craft
and stay busy it is very good for the mind helps you stay young.
I am now teaching all my 10 grandchildren how to crochet just like my mom taught me.

Here are two of my sites you are most welcome to visit 24-7

WWW.FLASH1214.ETSY.COM where I meet Mr & Mrs Crafty

and I also run a 2nd store with great success and just feel at home here!!

and here is the video I had made for me - thank you so much Evielynne for making this for me!!
God Bless all those that are reading and sharing this post - do facebook/twitter to help me out!!

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