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Nov 16, 2011

PayPal and Our Service for you

A new PayPal tab is now on our blog. We took the donation off because we'll only a handful of donations came in and we thought hey our service may provide a better income then asking for donations. And since our crayon rolls are our #1 selling items our bloggers can still help but also get an item for loved one around the world... So check out the prices which includes shipping and crayons for your rolls... Have a grandchild in Cali but your in Fl hey no problem we ship directly to where you want the item to go... We also offer classroom party pack too for all those wonderful teachers who give so much to their students... Pictures are down below of the samples we do and we do it all!!

Grab Bag Crayon Roll (includes 1 crayon roll and crayons
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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