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Nov 15, 2011

Clean Your Sewing Machine

Jorge sometimes forgets to clean his machine when it's gets beyond busy... And from time to time I do have to nag and remind him we only own 1 machine and it's a cheap one at that. Then he will nod in agreement and get to cleaning... We've owned this machine now for 4 years and we worship it like a $10,000 watch. It's a life line right now. You know we are famous for naming things and this boy guys (the sewing machine) does not have a name - all of our Barbie Models have a name even... Ummm we'll have to give it some thought...

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1 comment:

  1. I usually get by as inexpensive as I can, but I've been reading alot about thread and that the 'cheap' thread causes too much lent and can really mess up a machine. I don't have the funds now, but soon I am going to switch over to Superior thread.