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Nov 19, 2011

Owl Hats and Me?

I am always blogging about Jorge - yes I am his biggest fan. But did you know he is my biggest fan too - a complete marriage lol.

He says to me this morning "Why don't you blog about you?". Who is he kidding... No one cares as much for yarns as they do for fabrics. And ummm as nice as everyone CAN be, Jorge is the one in our house with the true talents. I don't mind because my talents help sell his talents "The inet Monster"...

Plus I do have say Jorge has been keeping me busy helping him that my business has been put to the side... Yes Yes I have my own store in which Jorge has 100% nothing do with. simple little hat store that I do indeed love but it's hurting. I need to make a huge correction in this - Jorge does the summer hats (anything with fabric is his work and anything with yarn is my work).

I don't get folks challenging me as they do to my husband - asking can you make this or that. But the other day I did and OMG the speckles of pride resurfaced big time. And away I went crocheting like crazy. It felt wonderful... And although I want to so much place the picture of my newest creation (however there are like a million of them on etsy) I can't - you see it's for a special little girl. Our model you can say lol. Its a Christmas present that I am so proud of. But I can' show you the infant boy version of what I made. This is for a infant 0-3 months. 14"-15".

I got my first favorite on it this morning and I was feeling a lot better - of course if it sells I will be beyond jazzed (but I did sell my elf hat in which I thought never would sell)...  The thing is it's something I love to do and I am fast at. Like last night I did 3 hats. 2 for the store and 1 for my friends charity work she created!/pages/Operation-WinterWarmth/193715464037481 We have 6 total hats going there today!! Do fan their page - the creaters who make the hats need to see that there are wonderful folks out there supporting their cause...

And the picture next is of a crayon roll you can purchase. The price include 1 crayon roll - 5 crayons and shipping. Order today and we can ship today!!

Grab Bag Crayon Roll (includes 1 crayon roll and crayons

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  1. That is an adorable hat. Too bad your husband's stuff takes up all your time. I guess that is everywhere though. It's always the women and their stuff last. *grin*