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Nov 21, 2011

RV Consignment Help Needed

Selling your arts or crafts on consignment can be one of many ways you use to market your arts or crafts. Consigning your products means you find a retail shop who wants to carry your work but the kicker is that the retailer doesn't outright buy your goods; they only pay you when and if your item sells.

I'm not a big fan overall of consignment sales. You're at the mercy of the retailer to make sure your arts or crafts items are aggressively marketed to customers and protected from theft and breakage. Many think that retailers will push their owned inventory over consignment items. Although I haven't found this to be particularly true of my clients, I have seen the work of artists and crafters languishing for years on the same owner's shelves.

Here are some facts to consider if you are thinking about consigning your arts or crafts:

Reputation of the Arts or Craft Consignee

Find out how long the shop or gallery has been in business. Never place your goods with a brand-new shop or gallery. Check out their customer traffic by visiting the location a few times. Contact other artists or crafters who consign there to get a read on the profitability of the arrangement.

Keep in mind that other vendor's perceived happiness with the arrangement may be colored by their lack of interest in having your goods compete with theirs. So, it's recommended you contact artists or crafters working in a different craft profession.

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My issue is I am a fulltime RV traveler and you'd think I would find consignment shops galore - not true. And so I am putting this on the fore front this January because our inventory just can be killing me anymore - the whole tripping over sealed containers the look of a warehouse in my home and so on and so on. So folks can I get your help with some links, telie numbers or address of some consignments you know of and I am thinking about starting a group to help all RV folk like me who depend on our crafty business for income.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh I am right there with you!! So far the ones that I have found want a certain # of items (a little more difficult with crochet unless it's hats or something small) and if they don't sell and I end up with them again, where the heck am I gonna put them??
    Another issue I've come up against is that if I plan to leave the area the consignor wants me to take my stuff because they don't want to deal with shipping it back to me or me shipping them more if needed. They want to keep it "local" and of course if I leave I'm no longer local...:(
    My RV home many days looks like a yarn store exploded when I'm trying to find a particular yarn or particular color for a project. I will tell you that space bags work WONDERS!! I always put a piece of paper in the bag that lists everything that is inside so once it is sucked and sealed I don't have to open as many bags to find what I'm looking for.
    So it doesn't sound like I am much help but I will definitely be checking back to see if anyone else has any good ideas!

    God Bless!