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Feb 19, 2011

Weird Knitted or Crochet Items I found on the INET

Gas Station

OK so I am bored due to being stuck in the town of Bend, OR due to the snow and weather alert going on for this area till 4pm today. Which means we are staying another night here (remember we are RV full timers).
I floated around the Walmart Craft section looking for clearance items - a must do in any craft store to bang my bucks.... And today they seem to be wiped out in the good deals department - this tells me they get a lot of bad weather here and the house wife muck this department (for crying out loud there is a worn out walking path  - lol).Now I am sitting at the McDonald's surfing the web to kill some time.... tic tock - tic tock for Pete sakes hurry time hurry...
Here is some other funny weird things I found... Enjoy! And if you get bord like I do - don't do what I do just shop at any of my 4 stores - and that will keep you busy for sure...





Hairy Harry

Anatomical Heart Pillow

I am not sure...

NOT weird but COOL

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