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Apr 26, 2011

Pink Crafting

From time to time people will take the time to email us with suggestions of new items to make or colors to use and such. Well this morning was one of those days. Pink!! Must have more pinks in the stores... Well which is funny because my friend Holly of Mission Montana Blog had order some products from my store and she asked me if I did cozy's for cups? ummm yes once but they where for kids. So I offered to make her some for FREE (after all she's my friend and expert to sizing up things and offered to let me know what she thought). Well I did her package and it's in the mail and with today's email I thought "I've got to make myself my own cozy". I like one of the styles I did for Holly and made the same patterns...

What do you think? I was seeing what they go for on etsy. And almost all of them where going for $10.00 - in which I will sell on there for BUT if anyone orders through my blog I will give it to them for $5.00. I only take paypal for payments. So comment me - email me if you wish to order.

Now Jorge my wonderful husband got in on the act today as well. Going with a pink theme he decided to do an outfit (he would of done more but the winter boss really needed his help - he's out there now making noise with the weed whacker) well 2 outfits but the same material... I so love the tube top stitching. And later today I will put them up for sale.. But what do you think?

Aren't these just so cute... We need to have 75 different outfits done by July 4th - just in time for the Christmas Season. Of course any and all sales are welcomed year-round.

I was reading a blog about YARNBOMBING and it will be part of today's question... I just want to say from my personal feelings - that if this is done for charity and with the permission from the property owner, I support this. But when these individual trespass and do this form of art - they are forgetting one thing - it's no longer art but vandalism.




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  1. I've seen yarnbombing in a news story, and thought it was a really neat thing. Very clever, very colorful. I guess if it isn't wanted, it's easy enough to cut down. I'd consider it an art form, wouldn't you? :) And far better than tagging with paints.

  2. Agreed. Some of it is very beautiful art, some of it is just kinda cute, but either way creates smiles. I actually think the idea started in Seattle, people have been dressing and decorating the statue of "The Bus People" in the Fremont District for over thirty years. Fun to watch it change instead of being the same every day!

  3. Bubble gum pink & chocolate brown are a very popular color combination! I've got a request to make a baby blanket in those colors. :)

    I don't really care for yarn bombing. Only because my sensibilty thinks it's such a waste of perfectly good yarn. It is an art form tho & if the property owner allows it then it's not so bad.

  4. Interesting. I had never even heard of it. But if it's not yours, then its not yours to touch in any way.

  5. Love them new outfits and cozy

  6. loave the new barbie outfits and cozy