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Mar 10, 2011

Handmade Barbie Doll Clothes

I am one happy cookie right now. We have completed another bucket list for our goal in trying out in the crafting world. No and not with yarn - YET... But with our sewing machine.

I do sew but today it was all about Jorge and his machine. See he doesn't think about little kids and how the kids world of merchandise sells quicker and
better then any ole boring adult stuff. And that we need to get with the program.

And so he has started.... Today is just a simple pattern just so we can the product out there showing the world that is can be done by MrCraftyRVing... Of course we posted on FaceBook just to see if anyone notice and we had some comments already which is always a great thing.

But here is the kicker - one of the three pictures below is a of a dress I made... LOL bet you didn't know I knew how to sew. It's just easier to let Jorge do all the sewing so I can do all the knitting/crochet/computer stuff. He's much quicker then I am...

So grand-daughters, daughters, friends, little people it's almost Easter time and by then we'll have a grand selection of them... BUT we seem to be mastering in custom orders - so if your looking for a certain pattern, style or color - we are your people.... Any one who buy 5 or more at one time will receive a discount code to use in your check out - however do email me first on etsy to get this code. If no code then no discount and that is only for orders over 5...

But the blog is to tell you how proud and excited I am to announce that we now have Barbie Doll clothes to our line of products... Soon we'll have diaper covers, bigger doll clothes for baby dolls and cocoons for newborn prop pictures that seem to be the only way babies make their debut to the world. Maybe we'll have to take an online program about business, or better yet, just get some pointers from
Marketing Degree

And so because I am so excited about this blog of bragging rights - I will now feature AGAIN an item I found of etsy (I love this because the blog is published before they find out they are featured)
Anchela Lynch

$480.00 and I have seen them for a $1000 or more and this is one hell of good price!!
This seller has 21 items for sale very much worth checking into..

Now here is my question for my readers...
What is the most expensive craft item you ever bought?

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