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Mar 8, 2011

Granny Square Itch

When I first starting crocheting - my very first thing I learned to do was the GRANNY SQUARE. Although I laugh now but it took me 3 months to learn such an easy thing. No I am not stupid but I let the stress get the best of me. I figured because I am a girl it would come natural. Yeah right... However all is good and now I can have some great laugh over it. But Jorge is still recovering from all the hooks being thrown at him.

It's been about 2 month since doing my last granny square. I've been very busy learning new stitches and add in some knitting (which did come a lot easier for some weird odd reason). But that crazy itch is in place and whats on my plate for today...

I was on the INET seeing what new things are being done with granny squares. Color palette have gone brighter. And wow the patterns options have grown... There are a lot of groups out there that are charity based and groupie support. I even signed up with some.
and I am MrsCraftyRVing
And wow here is TODAY's project "I think" - first I have to do my washcloth for a blog contest I am sponsoring on the 21st... So look back here for details...


House of Junque
Have you ever done a GRANNY SQUARE? And what was your hardest stitch you ever learned to do in either knitting or crocheting? Leave a comment


  1. I feel so honored, my dear, that your Etsy pick is my dress! Granny squares are so much fun to make and the possibilities for end result are vast!

    Everyone dig out your miscellaneous yarn and get to work! It's almost like painting, once you begin the creative ideas just come pouring out.

    Granny is no longer a square!

  2. I still remember sending you that granny square so you could look at it! I don't think I had much trouble with crocheting, but what I figured would the the hardest thing in kniting was the cable, but once I finally tried it and found out how easy it was...well, just have to wait until I get a little more advanced in knitting. When I first tried to learn using the throw method, I figured this wasn't to be, but thanks to Pat suggesting I try I love knitting! We will have a blast this summer!

  3. never done a granny square . . . my Granny was more round than square . . . figures, huh?