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Mar 7, 2011

Labeling Your Products Means You Take Credit For Your Work

I've been doing a lot of custom orders (thank heavens for friends because its them who has helped my business the most) of late and mailing them and then moving on. Well this morning I got to thinking about seeing one of my hats on someones head. And then walking up to them to say "Hey I know that hat" but then how do I prove I'm the one who made that hat? And the pouting begin but only temporary because the light bulbs and many duhs entered my brain. Get some labels and label your products...

Simple - I know. So the search began. I do not support any big companies anymore and only buy from crafters for items that can be handmade with love. It's my way of giving back and helping thousand of crafters who depend on their crafting to bring extra income in - I know this myself for we so depend on our sales in the winter months -  for dear hubby is not a payroll and so there you go. And I only get paid quarterly which makes things very interesting to say the least.

I found a site on etsy and wow - I made my first purchase with them. Mountain Street Arts. I need to up my game with my products and start taking some credit for the hard work I do put into my items. I am so terrible about pimping myself and worrying about helping others that I put myself last. I just can't do that any more. We need the income to much. So Mountain Street Arts has all sorts of labels for knitting, crocheting and care label. The store has 1246 sales under their belts and so my blog wouldn't help them much because their game is so on. Maybe they can teach me a thing or two about succeeding in sale. But I am up to 53 sales since June - I'm a slow starter I know - but there is still hope for me yet.

Here is what I ordered... 30 labels for $12.00 and only .50 for shipping. But it will say MrsCraftyRVing instead of Pam of course lol... (I did just sell something in my store for $3.50 so you can imagine how I really need to step my game up. Hotdogs for dinner tonigh - lol well no we don't eat them or steak as much... etsy is wonderful place to shop - everything from shampoo, creams, gloves, blankets, label, office gear, gels and oh my lots and lots of weird stuff like the vase way below... Scroll down to see it... I've included a link in case it's a MUST HAVE thing for you!! OK so what weird or helpful thing have you ever bought from etsy? Leave comment below and do stop by these shops and tell them MrsCraftyRVing said hello... 

Mountain Street Arts
Mountain Street Arts
Mountain Street Arts
Mountain Street Arts
Now this vase took some time to work on - I love the colors - textures and the madness that went into this. and boy some flowers would just be showcase in this vase....
Unusual Pretty Ugly Weird Decorated Vase


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  1. Nothing weird from me boughten on etsy...but certainly helpful! I am not very good with the computer; so my old heading and button; my old etsy banner...etc. I closed up my old etsy shop but all your etsy posts make me yearn for it again! I made some money at it. Well, maybe in a year or two. We'll see.