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Mar 14, 2011

Easter Crafts

I am at a struggle on what to do about Easter. It's still early and I still have time to come up with something to make in honor of Easter for my Etsy store . I know Jorge will be doing another Easter item for his store but what in the world can I do that would sell? So in the next week I will research pattern and such and hope for the best. Maybe one of my readers will have a great suggestion for me..... HINT HINT... So get your thinking caps on along with me and lets see what we can come up with...

This shop has over 270 items for sale - gosh I so wish my store was this strong. Talk about being a hard worker. You'll see a lot of stuff like mine but you know what etsy shop owners are the best and we all support each other. I have done business with this shop owner and she has really helped me when I have gotten into a jam and I love her baskets and had to use her just for my Easter Feature - I'd be nuts not too.
Stop by buy, favorite and say MrsCraftyRVing says hello.. 270 item - I just can't get over that!! 

What Easter Treat do you look forward to?
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  1. love the post thank you so much keep checking back I have tons of ideas