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Mar 15, 2011

Crafty Hair

With all the rain we had today and having to stay put inside - I had a lot of time to think, nap, think, nap and more thinking. It's 9:30pm and I've just completed my 2nd cup of coffee which now means a very late night. And so I am research haircut styles for myself. Yep - I'm going for a full force change... EXTREME change I might add - cut and color...

Just before getting to Rufus, OR I had very very long hair and it was kind of funny - I would be crocheting and my hair would get caught in my hook and yep I crochet my hair (not the reason why I am getting it cut and colored by the way). The RV way of living is hard on long hair - the shower does not give you the power of full wash with long hair and besides the water heater always gives out before I can get my hair rinsed out and so I must go short...

So what does all this have to do with crafts? Easy... Doll hair, making wigs and such have everything to do with Crafty Hair!! And so lets jump right into the feature of the day shall we?


This store has 36 items for sale
I am telling you my mouth dropped to the floor when I seen all the wigs - different and extremly unique and many must haves.. And the work that goes into these wigs is beyond belief too...

Awesome wig

SweetHayseed's Shop Announcement

With any event just around the corner I specialize in unique wearables for men and women for all occasions. Concept your own personal wig and hat or leave the scheming to me.

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  1. That's quite a wig!!

    A couple of months ago my daughter treated me to a new do. New color; highlights, the works. I have never colored my hair before so it was an experience...that we now repeat every few months! Girls just need that, you know?

  2. How COOL! I love Prince Poppycock! I watched everytime he was on! To think I could actually own a wig like that!! How Fun!