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Mar 14, 2011

Workshop Table in Almost Use

I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. It's amazing what sleep can do for you. And so my 3 things I do first thing in the morning are. Coffee, ETSY, Email (and in that order too)... I am so not kidding when I say that.

So the coffee of course was and is good. No sales with ETSY but some activity. And an overload in my emails - the norm. BUT I have to share with you an email I received from one of my followers from this blog. I love it when I get a request or a question whenever dealing with the blogs.

She asked me about my table. How do I manage to work in such a small rig. She pointed out that sewing is a challenge for her in her motorcoach (that's like triple the size of my rig easy). And storage is a problem.

And so as I was getting ready to email her back I said a quick thank-you to because I would be pulling my hair out and just having a daily melt down. You see I have a fold up table that is just beyond perfect for RV folks like me who need the work space but can't afford the leg room in our tiny but fun home "OUR MOTORHOMES".... Here is what I am talking about

You will notice this table is higher which makes it more workable for us sewers and such. Jorge of course you know is a beader and can sit on the couch and use the table and view the tellie and watch movies while he works.
And get this - duh for us you can take the table outside and work out in the natural sun light which makes the whole crafting world open up along with our eyes - lol...

Beth: Go to the link I posted above and check them out - they have a ton of office desks and  tables for every household you can think of. And with you being a teacher I do know they are having a sale on their Collapsible Crates (under $10). But I would defiantly check out their tables - I think we paid like $60-70 I can't remember it's been awhile).

But for the rest of you the store is pretty cool - it has everything you can imagine. With Spring just next week I know the sales are going on - we need to get an RV friendly lamp for Jorge so he can work on his beading at night - the RV lights installed are not the greatest by far and so we need to some shopping for him.

I am going to save the ETSY Feature for later - I will be back on later to blog but wanted to let Beth know that I do answer emails and will do anything for my readers. Let me know what you buy at MY store of choice in the comment form.

At the web link I provided which is the best buy you found?
Let me know in the comment form so I can check it out - believe me your comments can help other people out so don't be shy about telling us.


  1. Wow! Great selection of stackable chairs. Stackable chairs are great for RVers who need extra seating or outdoor seating without taking up much space. Good info thanks!

  2. The best bargain I found was the sentry fire safe that is on sale. Having recently seen what a fire does in an RV Park, and how little is left, this is a must have for all RVers.

  3. oh we have the safe... and yes every rv folk should have one. Fires are so scary.