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Sep 14, 2011

All ETSY store Owners

We have 40 days left here in Idaho. We are both sad and glad that it is ending. Sad because it is a paying gig for Jorge and we 100% love the entire staff at QSI and their friends (those in who we hope next season to get to know better). We have made a lot of new friends which to us is always amazing. But in the same breath we are happy that the season is ending because "YES" we love our winter boss too - and can't wait to exchange dinners every week. And LOL yes a stand up shower and electricity too. Gosh yes for those things. Don't feel too I will have back in place ETSY picks and my ultimate popular "QUESTION OF THE DAY" but I will also ad a blog article (the article not the blog itself) because you all know I love to help anyone I can and so this will be a new item for our blog - and so if you have a blog article of the future or past you wish me to add to my article email me at
And with the Christmas season coming and all of those who have an etsy store - I will place your etsy store link for just $5.00 a month (email me for details)...

Some fun video to share...

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