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Sep 10, 2011

Crafters Honor September 11th.

Out of respect for all those lives lost and affected by the horrors of SEPTEMBER 11th, have no facebook/inet/cell/tv/radio activity FROM 8:46 am - 10:28 am this is so my page will be silent, NO POSTINGS OR CHAT, from the time the first plane hit until the last building fell. Do this in memory of all who perished ten years ago. ♥

We here will take this time to reflect on what's happen to our country and how it's changed us as a Nation. We hope that as time heals that we remember that we are a country of the FREE - but at a cost of all of these lives. We should stand as a Nation no matter skin color, religion, or differences because we are one and if we don't united this country will no long be the FREE and the Brave.

So wear your FLAG in your Heart and wave it PROUDLY..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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