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Jul 6, 2011

Blankets Made by one Cool Lady

OK so most of my friends know I am all about helping my friends and today would be no different. I am very good friends with Steph's Mum Sue.

Well a little fun fact about me and my many quirks. 365 days a year no matter what the temp may be I always sleep with a blanket. You see I was told as a child that if I didn't cover my toes that when my Mum died she would come back and haunt me by pulling my toes and Lord knows how much I fear that women. A fear that has never been dealt with other then the simple act of making DANG sure my toes are covered ALWAYS.

And see gifted women like Steph would bank of people like me and then there is the shear fact of wanting a handmade blanket made just for you from pure talent....
Steph has no clue that I am doing this mini write-up and so I am very vague on what information I can give about her without her permission - I tend to respect privacy info.... But I can say with my own words on how much she rocks...

This is my favorite blanket by far:
Yes I LOVE LOVE LadyBugs...

And my husband of course got in on the act and picked his favorite too - although a lot of pink he still like this one the best...

These are so cool.... And so now in honor of this way cool web site our question of the day...

Leave your answer in the comment field..
and thank you dear friends in advance for taking a look at her web..
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  1. the Giraffe one is cute too!

    And I have to have a blanket year round too. And not just a sheet either. It's got to have good weight to make me happy!

  2. Evie,
    I just wanted to thank you for the nice post and link on your blog site about my blankets. Just so you know, I started making blankets over 8 years ago. Over time I have changed the way I design and create them. I use to do cutouts, where the design was only one layer. The only example of that is the gray elephant with the blue back ground on the home page of my site. Then I started with the applique process, and I like it much better.

    I agree with your husband, the dragonfly blanket is by far my favorite to date. That one took the most time, applying each color to the wings was challenging. The ladybug blanket has been the easiest and fastest to date. I think it took about 4 hours to complete.

    I make the patterns at school, I'm a teacher, and I have access to a projector from my computer to enlarge the pattern and draw on butcher paper. A few designs consist of a couple of different pictures and then had my husband, who is a graphic artist, put the two pictures together so they flow correctly. That is how I got the dragonfly and cherry blossoms.

    My daughter, who is 12, wants me to put her face on a blanket. I'm not sure how I can do that. I've done animal faces, and silhouettes of human faces, but never any major detail. I'd have to do an Andy Warhol type, otherwise I would never get the skin tones correct.

    Again, thank you for helping to get my craft out there. I really enjoy making the blankets. Even more I love to see pictures of people enjoying their blankets. My friend, who got the dragonfly blanket, wanted to put it away in a hope chest and not let her daughter use it. I told her right away to use the blanket, that is why I made it. If it became to overly loved (holes and what not) I would always make her another one!
    Thank you,