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Jul 7, 2011

Alpaca Direct Visit

OK so most of you know that my darling husband is the major yarn shopping right? LOL well for those who don't know Jorge about 6 months ago he went and paid $22 for a skein of yarn - dang nice yarn too.... So we have strict rules for him when ever we hit a fancy yarn store. And on this visit the rules where in place for both of us....

We did not purchase anything but our friend Sue did - beautiful skein of yarn in the most beautiful shades of pinks.... A gift she is making for a special member of her family - lucky duck she is!!

All the pictures consist of two visits and so I do hope you enjoy them and check out their store when your in the area - they are super great people and I think it's the daughter of the owner who really should be running the store. Beautiful, smart and friendly and I will always be thankful on the time she invested with us while there.

And my birthday present which will be bought early this year will be coming from this store - ahhhhh you'll have to wait and see!! I do indeed have the World's BEST husband EVER!!

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  1. Oh, poor guy. He needs to get at least one skein!