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May 5, 2011

May for Me Practice SHOULD make Perfect

  So today was suppose to be Jorge's day but we have a new schedule for our May for Me..
Monday: Jorge
Tuesday: Evielynne
Wednesday: Jorge
Thursday: Evielynne
Friday: Fun Day
Saturday: Follow-up for the week
Sunday: Church Words

So with it being Thursday I decided to take on Knitting... A simple pattern from Buddy Bears to Knit.

I started this at 11am and worked up until about an hour ago and I am sorry to report I need a lot of practice... A LOT!! The poor things is just NOT CUTE... I was going to give my Bear to JuneBug my cat but then decided that I am going to attach a key ring to and put it on my backpack. Why Not?

I should say something positive about today's project. I have never casted on after or added stitches to a working progress - So I rock at that now. I have never binded off with out using crochet hook and I can now bind off. So there you go I succeeded in my quest to learn something new!! Job well done and my pat on back is now done....

Now on with the giggles....

Jorge and I where chatting up a storm today and I had said "you know this May for Me is so good for us because it's allows me to challenge myself and put aside my fears. It forces me to put a time frame and do the best that I can on my chosen project" And it's working sort of lol... Will I make another? Sure only this time I will use a bigger needle - this was done on sports yarn and using a size 4 needles - I have never worked on a project with small needles before.


347 items for sale
This rad, vintage sweater was made in the eighties by Biba Pariscop of viscose,wool and angora with big shoulder pads and ugly fluffy pink teddy bears! The tag indicates size II (odd size!); please refer to the measurements to insure a perfect fit. Contact me with any questions!

Measurements (in inches, unstretched):
Around chest: 44
Sleeve length: long
Total length: 26

Vintage, from the elegant to the absurd!               
Condition:This item is in excellent, previously owned condition.
It is free of stains, tears, odors and excessive wear.
What should I name my bear?
Have you ever crafted something so ugly that you just had to keep it?
Would love to hear....
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  1. Name the her Blueberry!

    When I first started long arm quilting in 2003 - some were just not great! Some of those quilts are now car quilts!

    Having fun in May! Marcia

  2. I love the bear that is what I have all over is bears al bears are the cutest things I have tried making a doll and it just didn't look as cute as the pattern did. I am so glad you guys are still having fun crafting

  3. I love the bear It is cute I have bears all over my house and love the look of any bear they are always cute. I am glad you are trying new things


  4. Aw, Come on! He's kinda cute! I think he ate a Smurf though!

  5. He's not ugly!! I am glad that you are learning in May!
    Love you guys!

  6. Thanks for posting my ugly bear sweater! Use coupon code - bearlylegal - for free shipping on any of the items in my etsy store!

    Thanks so much and keep RV-ing!