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May 6, 2011

May for Me Women Inventions

  Women Invented:

Circular Saw - Tabitha Babbitt

Ironing Board - Sarah Boone

Windshield Wipers - Mary Anderson

Beer - St. Pauli's Girl

And the very best invention is...
May for ME

Thank-you GREAT LADIES!!

You may call me queen - Domino pendant

Shop Announcement
Welcome and thank you for stopping by my shop!
I am a mixed media artist, located in Vienna, Austria/Europe.

What you find here are mostly domino pendants with amazing colours, collages, stamped or with funny quotes and cute dangling charms on them. Each domino pendant is sealed with an extra high quality resin to give it a non-scratch brilliant shine!

Hope you find something you like but I am also doing custom orders using your favorite pictures, transferring them onto dominoes or under glass. Just convo me!

Please check back often to see my latest creations.

Find me on twitter: taylorrain1
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  1. Thanks -- you are so nice! I think May for Me was started by us... but all of you out there blogging about it are inventing it into a wonderful Celebration of taking time to relax and enjoy each day, every day, not just the days in May!

  2. A man invented the Bra. Figures. Forever torture.