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Apr 7, 2011

My Title Granny Square Queen

When I first joined campground_crafters I was just learning how to do a granny square. Once I learned how to make a granny square blanket it was all I made for the first year. LOL and today was a reminder of that time in my life - which had earned me the nickname in our group "Granny Square Queen"... We have 6 king sized granny square blankets in our rig... Today is laundry day and well guess what got washed...

My husband constructed a couch that converts into a bed on the lower floor so that we can use the over cab as storage... And OMG it has open the floor and looks huge and clean in here. In the next couple of weeks with purchases of new bins we will re-organized the entire rig so that we can be 100% clean/organized/set-up/and just plain happy again... I am so jazzed because I will get to blog and share our adventures and tips with our followers... Jorge has a lot of sewing he'll be doing to in the next couple of days too - popcorn fabric will be used on the body pillows and my black and white granny square will set off the them in our movie theme rig... Thrilled...

I really hope to get some sales going in the store to pay for all of our storage container and gadgets to make like easier for us - since we are keeping "MrCrafty" another year... So with Easter nearing soon stop by any of shops and see if there is anything you need or want and remember we do custom orders (like yesterday a lady order applique stars and I had them in the mail with 2 hours of her order - I made them that quick to get them out of the rig ASAP - I like my customers happy...). One of our stores is having a sale so be sure to check them all out..
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Shop Announcement

Welcome to my curious little shop. I love to design collections inspired by nature. I often find myself walking through the woods looking for new ways to create. Some items in my shop are vintage finds and some are handmade with love by me. For a more colorful decor and handmade designs please visit my other shop which will be up and running no later then June 2011. Check back often for new listings and specials.

Are your re-organizing your craft room soon and how?
Leave your comment all comments help any and all newbies - like me...

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  1. Wow, you crochet fast! That's awesome! A couple weeks ago we did a huge room switch in my house. I took over the nursery, the 18 month old got his older brothers room & the 8 y/o got the basement/old sewing room. I love my new room, just for the fact that it's in the main part of the house, warm & has natural sunlight. I reorganized as I moved things. Each shop has it's bin/s & my fabric wall is always evolving in it's organization. lol

  2. I like your blog!...Daniel

  3. LOL yes I do crochet fast and one day I do hope to say that about knitting... Thank you everyone for your comments they really do get read and followed up on....

  4. Oh, you guys are getting all ready for May for Me. Organization makes me so happy!