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Apr 6, 2011

Crocheting vs Knitting

How do I choose....
5 to 1

So you see by the picture that I have 5 knitting videos and only 1 crocheting. But would you believe I know more crochet stitches then knitting stitches. Knitting is wonderful and I love it but it scares the hell out of me. If I where to choose between the two - I prefer to knit. It's such a beautiful art. One that has to be mastered and one that I am far from bragging rights... Crocheting for me is quick and easy and seems to be a money maker for me. Now if I can master knitting then maybe I can bump the income level up a bit and not cringe of fear when someone ask me to make lets say a sweater, a pair of socks... These are my dream items to make. blankets, hats are easy for me now and I am ready to take the plunge to learn more. Oh summer hurry up and get here - I am so excited about seeing my friend and summer teacher (she has said I will get my first sweater done this summer with her help).

My current KNITTING project...

The knitting project I am working on is a knit 4, purl 4... I like the bubble effect and will make a wonderful scarf for me... It's a little different for me, but I am loving the challenge. I am left handed and so it's been a real challenge for me to knit because I had a right handed teacher (most people are right handed). I can crochet left handed and right handed but again because my teacher was right handed I do all of my crocheting right handed (it freaks left handed people out). I can play baseball both right handed and left handed - batting or catching... Strange and I know a freak...

Oh gosh watching Wyatt Earp right now and so when I hear a bang, I have to pause to watch... eek I love Westerns big time...

So OK the knitting videos I have are a bit old style - you can tell by the gals freaky colored nails... I find it very distracting to be honest trying to follow along with the video.  So with that in mind do read tonight's question because I really could use some help in this area....

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Can you recommend a good video for knitting?
And how did you learn to crochet or knit?
We newbies appricate any and all comments - they help us greatly...

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  1. Thank you for featuring Artistic Inclinations

  2. I don't have any video recommendations other then to check out youtube. I'm just now learning to knit too. I love the material it creates better then crochet. I'm using books & the internet to self teach. I wish I knew someone to teach me!

  3. I cannot help you out at all. But I am teaching you how to color on my blog tomorrow. LOL.

  4. I second You-tube and have you joined Ravelry? There are all kinds of groups there and I bet there is one for left-handed knitters. I know I have seen a you-tube video or two done by left-handed knitters. I am pretty much self-taught after the initial 2 lessons using You-tube. The Yarn Harlot, TECHknitting, and Golden Apples are all blogs that I follow that have good info and tutorials on the subject.