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Apr 8, 2011

Getting Ready for May for Me

May for Me? What is this all about? Click on any word "MAY" and it will take you to the very link that is the leader of all this fun in the whole crafting world. Again all MAY words will take you to the direct link. Rules and all the info is there for you to get started - and the best part is there are so many gift giveaways that you're not going to want to miss out on....

What I am doing for "MAY for me" is to learn how to crochet toys. The whole entire month I will be posting patterns I am working on - followed up with pictures of me crying in the process (kidding - I think). And the story line as to why I picked that particular pattern.

Now whats cool about "MAY for me" is that my husband is getting in on the fun with devoting the entire month of sewing new clothes for me... I know - I know I am so spoiled. But he'll be sewing up PJ's for himself as well. And as a double bonus we'll add his take on the whole "MAY for me" on the blog as well.

We are both excited and we are working very hard getting our RV re-organized in time to start off "MAY for me" - here is just a few pictures to show you how extreme of a change we are doing. We built a wall and everything - it's just plain crazy and I so love it... We are getting all new bins next week and so everything will have a place and be labeled and life will be easier for us in the crafting RV world.

So you can see we still have a long ways to go. Don't worry I have plans for the walls with some cool crafty art... Jorge will be sewing up the pillows tomorrow (popcorn fabric) and then all we have to do is wait for the storage containers and gadgets and we are so ready for "MAY for me"

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What sign do you have your home?
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  1. loving the signs. i have a welcome sign, but would like one to swap it with maybe.

  2. I don't have any signs in my home for some reason.

    I'm all ready for May for Me too! I posted about it yesterday & am going thru my fabric stash next.

    I've crocheted amigurumi dolls/animals before & they are by far my favorite thing to make! It's actually why I wanted to learn in the first place! L)

  3. I am glad you like my sign and my etsy page! I Started out in the commercial sign business in 1987 hand lettering race cars. As time went by . . . I transformed into vinyl lettering on commercial signs, but wanted to keep the art of hand painting signs alive, so I started making these signs to sell. For me it is relaxing to make them . . . and very enjoyable! When I go to craft shows, someone always has a story to tell me about an old vehicle or motorcycle they had that my signs helped spark the memory of. I love how you travel and do your crafts! The perfect life!

  4. Love the Dad sign! I have a wooden quilt outside by the entrance to my quilt shop. No words - just the wooden quilt.

    Thanks for supporting and promoting May for Me and linking! Cool idea to do the crocheted toys and glad your husband is joining in the fun! Looking forward to the clothes photos!