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Apr 14, 2011

Crocheting Something New

Mrs Chicken Pants - and yes we are talking about me.... Tried something new today.  People ask me all the time if I crochet toys and such. And my answer has always been "As if" lol I am so insecure about my abilities in creating anything new when it comes to yarns. But I do try at a very snail like pace lol...

"MAY FOR ME" is coming up and I am trying to get all of my patterns in place and pre-doing projects so that they go smooth for the whole month. I figured Barbie Clothes would be something easy to do and well it just isn't. Not for a beginner like me that is.

I haven't gotten my bins yet and so I am trying to fill my time with getting custom orders done and fitting in fun time where I can learn these new things. I will admit today was a chore for me. Mentally I kept telling myself - "Nope can't do it" & "Nope I suck"

So here is what I suck at....

Well not a total bust but certainly in need for some major practicing. These will go up for sale tonight at and maybe someone in the etsy world will think I am a genius with the crocheting hook - one can only hope... 

I have a feeling in May I will be pumping out some cool new things - all toy themes... I've always wanted to learn how to make handmade crochet/knitted toys. The time it takes to make them and the love it takes for someone to buy them all equals true treasures....

$27.99 and 16 items for sale
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This store is a major fan of vintage. Rule of thumb for vintage is anything that's over 20 years old. I guess I am 2 times vintage - lol... But do check out this cute store and tell them MrsCraftyRVing said hello....

How old where you when you got your first Barbie or Ken doll?
Would love to hear (I was 10 - I know older but I just wasn't into dolls - kind of am now)...

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  1. I was about 9, but it was a Midge doll. And who remembers Skipper's cousin Scooter?

  2. I was young, maybe younger then 3, when I got my first barbie. I had a huge under-bed tub full by the time I was 10! :) I loved barbies & I'm sad I don't have a little girl to play with them again. lol

  3. You would be completely saddened at the collection my brother had when he died. I had to sell them to cover funeral/travel costs. He collected toys...and I had to ship them from San Francisco back home to me. I got two UPS trucks--full of toys-- that came to my door one day.

    It was so sad to sell them but the entire time my brother was sick it cost thousands of dollars that I didn't have.

    The best Barbie sold for $400 on ebay. sigh.

  4. What a fun blog, thanks for including me in your feature section. I was actually very young when I got my first Barbie and had many along the years, I played with them daily and for probably more years then I should have. My daughter loved and collected them too, now my two grandaughter are enjoying them!!! Have a fun day!!!