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Apr 28, 2011

Crocheting and Knitting Hand TIPS

Customer are often asking me how I can work so much with my hands and not complain about the pain. It's simple - I don't get pains. Like with any labor job if you want to continue doing a good job you need to take better care of yourself. Otherwise the younger folks will sweep away with your job. And so I exercise my hands and fingers not just before I start a project but many times a day. I watch my husband struggle with RA and I really do have to respect him because it's hard to do any form of crafting with his condition - trust me he's in pain 24 hours a day.
 I think that's why I push his items more then my items in our stores because he works with pain and I feel it's worth the sales. The shots to help him deal with the pain is over $1500-2500 depending on the brand per shot (shot last for 3-4 months before a new shot would have to be given) without insurance in which he is one of millions that do not carry it. Don't worry he'll have some with in the next month thanks to Medicare because of his disease.
 I do have insurance because I am a diabetic type 1 and require to be on insulin (lucky me 2 types of insulin I am on) up to 3 times a day on a bad day but only twice a day on all other days. This is over $400 a month in expenses even with the crappy insurance program. So as you can imagine our stores mean a lot to us...
So taking care of our hands are most important to us because our depended income. I will go over the exercises that we do first and then talk about the cream we use and how you can buy your own.

I always do this first and dry (do not add lotion). I will use my thumb and do mini circles around the entire wrist. And then grip the wrist and rub. And then I will do the same thing over the entire hand and then work my fingers with a slight pull (not too hard) and take each finger bending and moving them in circular motion. I work each hand for a least 5-10 minutes per hand.

I will do this for about 10-20 seconds. make a tight fist. Make a fist and hold position for 10-20 seconds. And then release the pose and relax your hand for about 5-10 seconds. Repeat to 5-10 times (I do it 15 times)

Take your hands and make circles going the same direction for about 10-20 second and then switch directions. Do about 5-10 of these. This helps loosen up your wrist.

Now you know how to wave of course but instead of waving side to side. Flap your hands from back to forward (like your going to slap me lol).

One last time very quickly. This time it should feel a little differently.

It will take about 20 minute to have fully dry hands... And if you work with yarns you know how important it is to have dry hands when working on a project. Some yarns are very scratchy and having moisture of any kind enhances it big time

I use BLUE-EMU (my husband winter boss got us hooked on it this winter).. Like I said this works for me but doesn't do a thing for Jorge. will explain how it works and all the information to why you should use it including info on it's omega rich oil. I am telling you how it feels - I love it... My hands feel free and loose and I wish I could slop it on my whole body but at $17.99 a container is just too expensive for me.  You can pick this up from any in the country. The best part is that the cream is ODOR FREE

When I crochet or knit I have been know to put in 8 plus hours into any given project - so maintaining good hands is very vital... And it's never too late to start!!

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Do you workout before crafting?
And How?
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  1. Great hand exercises! I don't have a specify routine. I massage my hands and do some dancing in the morning and move all over to loosen up my arms and shoulders before I start quilting. Of course my legs get a little exercise this way too! I also stop and exercise my shoulders and arms at least every hour when I am quilting. I want to be able to quilt until I am at least 70 plus! I am 53 now and I have been quilting since 2003 full time. It is easy for me to exercise, as I want to stay limber and comfortable when working.

    I tweeted this, as I always tweet good information! Thanks!

  2. Sue sent me this email....

    I have to stretch my fingers every morning to get them moving. I also like to soak them in some warm water for a few minutes...helps get them going.

    I also got some squeeze things at wally world...After shooting my 45 at Aiken, I need to get my wrists stronger. I was trying to "push" the bullet down the per my coach, I need to get my wrists will be using them too. Usually once I get my fingers and hands moving, just a little extra movement during the day really helps.


  3. shop around. Walgreens had Blue Emu for 12.99 the last time I bought some. Good excercises though.

  4. Great exercise ideas. I don't have insurance and I do get stiff. I am going to take better care of my hands...that's important!