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Apr 29, 2011

Hu-la Block-ers

I follow this blog and today her article ROCKED... All Mother's must read... What a cool game and what is super cool is that we Adult can play as well. I like this whole idea a lot and I know a lot of my blogger friends are Mum and I have to share this blog with you all.
Do show her your support and if you like the game leave a comment stating that. She'll find more items to blog about and we know how you Mum's like to help each other out - Just consider me the "World's Best Auntie"... Do tell her Evielynne sent you to her!! One heck of a talent this wonderful lady is... Go see for yourself!!
Click this link to be connected to her Blog link ------> Come Together Kids: Hula Blockers
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  1. Thanks so much for your supportive comments at A Camp Host's Meanderings.